Friday, April 27, 2012

Dawn Eyes One-Year Anniverary Sale = 50% Off Everything!*

DEC Facebook banner photo used with permission
You all know how much I love Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. I think my reviews, here, here, here, and here, speak for themselves :-) Now is a great time to treat yourself to some of the absolute best eyeshadows I have ever encountered.

Until Saturday, May 5th, at midnight, you'll be able to buy everything in the store for 50% off! (*except for items that were already 50% off)! I'm planning to pick up some of the Winnie the Pooh collection, some of the creamy Spearl Mattes, and a few of her stock shades. What will you be getting? Do tell!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aromaleigh Swatches of the Moulin Rouge Collection

I guess Miss K. finally caught some sun, because AL swatches of the new Moulin Rouge Collection are up! Here they are! Based on these, I may have to change some of the colors I initially wanted based on the descriptions only. If you're intrigued by the small photo below and want to enlarge it, just click on the photo to get to the original link. Happy shopping!

Aromaleigh Moulin Rouge Collection

DEC Winnie the Pooh Collection

Company name: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
Web site

I have a review for you of the Winnie the Pooh Collection by Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. Honestly, when I received these samples as a total surprise from Dawn, my first thought was, “Ugh. too many yellows and grays/grayish browns,” which are not good colors on me. 

But, true to my oath, I dutifully tried them all and was truly surprised that I really liked many of them and am planning to pick up some full sizes during her current sale. Here we go! This collection speaks softly but carries a big stick!

Colors Received
(my take in italics): All in swatches alphabetical order, from right to left and top to bottom, in the photos and video. All swatches done over E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. My favorites are bolded as usual! 

WtP Collection under natural light (you can really see the duochrome in Christopher Robin here!)
 • Christopher Robin: Peach-and-blue duochrome sporting lots of golden glitter I love, love, love this shade. This duochrome is very gentle and doesn’t result in that “snakeskin” look that so many brown- or blue-based/reddish duochromes end up looking like on my lids. I was a little scared to try it, but it looked gorgeous. I’M DEFINITELY GETTING A FS JAR OF THIS COLOR!

• Eeyore: Medium grey matte base with a glowing pink overtone and sparkling blue glitter I didn’t see the pink overtone or blue glitter in this color; it showed up mostly satin matte-ish grey on me. It turned out better in the photos though; very sparkly. I WON’T BE PURCHASING THIS SHADE.

• Kanga and Roo: Taupe brown with blue overtone and loaded with pink glitter I felt just “meh” about this shade. To me it wasn’t overloaded with pink glitter at all. I couldn’t even capture it in the photos or videos It’s a pretty taupe-ish color if you need one, but I don’t. L I WON’T BE PURCHASING THIS COLOR.

WtP Collection under incandescent light
 • Owl: Shimmering metallic copper tan drenched in copper and golden glitter Now we’re talking, Dawnie! Warm golden tan color; texture like a plushie toy; and gleaming shimmer like there’s no tomorrow. This could become a staple neutral for me. I WILL DEFINITELY BE GETTING A FS OF THIS SHADE!

• Piglet: Matte beige base with strong fuchsia sheen and sparkling with purple gleams This color barely showed up on my pale skin tone, and I could hardly see the fuchsia sheen and purple gleams at all. I’d like to see a dark-skinned beauty do an EOTD with this color so I could see what it is supposed to look like (I’m looking at you, Dinah “Raekwon” Hall!). UNFORTUNATELY, NOT A PURCHASE

• Pooh: Low-sheen gold with a red-shift overtone and bright copper glitter in two tones This shade didn’t wow me either, mainly because I can’t do reds at all (I never even wear that much red because it brings out the natural ruddiness I have in my face, which, of course, I always try to cover up). It also came out looking like Goldenrod Spearl Matte in the photos, but in real life it’s not quite that dark. Also, you can see the red shift slightly better in the video below. NOT A PURCHASE FOR ME

Better view of Eeyore glitters
Rabbit: Pale yellow with a pink overlay and brilliant golden glitter This color is right up my alley! The yellow is pale and sheer enough to pass as a cream on me, which I prefer as a highlighter because white-based highlighters are to stark on my skin. The pink overlay makes it a sweet duochrome, and tiny gold glitters never hurt anyone as far as I know, LOL! DEFINITELY A FS PURCHASE!

Rabbit glitters!
Tigger: Shimmery cream base with an orange overlay and bright copper sparks Oh, yeah, baby! Another sweet shade in the same family of Rabbit (to me eyes anyway) but more of a lid color than a brow bone highlight. DEFINITELY A FS PURCHASE!

Tigger glitters!

I'll close with a video swatchfest! Enjoy :-)

Would I Buy Again?
Yep, and I will do so in just a few days! As promised, Silk Naturals will be reviewed next.

Disclaimer: These sample were sent to me by the company owner, of her own free adult will, for promotional purposes!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Help a Gal Out . . .

 . . . and vote for her to win a year's supply of Smashbox makeup! Her Makeup Alley screen name is LauraJean396, and here is where you can vote: It's a clever, short video.

Of course, you can vote for someone else if you prefer. Cosmetic karma is cosmetic karma; it doesn't discriminate, LOL :-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Readers (Some of Them) Have Spoken!

Wisdom for a lifetime!

Hi everyone :-) Last week I had my first poll on the blog about what company you wanted me to test and review next. The winner was Silk Naturals (probably the closest to a dream store I've ever shopped at), so I'll get right to that. Tied were the following: Barry M., Black Rose, Brazen, My Pretty Zombie, Riche (currently closed; I believe she had a baby recently), and Lovelee Soaps (YOU TOTALLY HAVE TO LOOK AT THESE SOAPS EVEN IF IT'S JUST FOR FUN!). Since I haven't done a bath and body review yet, I will probably do Lovelee Soaps after Silk Naturals. The rest will come in no particular order.

However, first you will have to read yet another Dawn Eyes review (and who the heck wouldn't want to do that?) for the Winnie the Pooh collection. I got the samples a while ago; the swatch photos have been taken and cropped; and the colors have been tested; all I have to do is write my "take" on the shadows. By the way, Dawn is planning another sale starting on Wednesday!

So stay tuned, dear readers, for DEC Winnie the Pooh, random favorite Silk Naturals colors (which make up a vast part of my nuetrals collection), and Lovelee Soaps! Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll and gave me some direction :-)

I leave you with a couple of photos of my "catalabras" (battery-operated candles, so no worries)!

Blanca, a rescue cat, lighting up her "kitty cup"
Buster, my elderly (17 yo!) cat napping on the couch

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moulin Rouge: New Aromaleigh Collection

French Can-Can dancers in action
Aromaleigh is rolling some big dice! The new Moulin Rouge collection comprises 35 colors in shades and finishes to suit every taste bud you have! For those of you who are not familiar with the Moulin Rouge (French for "red mill" [there is a large red windmill on its roof]), it is originally a cabaret in France (the movie came much later) and the birthplace of the modern can-can dance. Opened on October 6, 1889, it was "originally introduced as a seductive dance by the courtesans who operated from the site, the can-can dance revue evolved into a form of entertainment of its own and led to the introduction of cabarets across Europe" (Wikipedia quote). The Moulin Rouge is associated with beautiful women and the gorgeous colors and textures of the their costumes.

The Moulin Rouge at night
 And here is the new beautiful LE collection

What colors do you fancy? I'm eyeing full sizes of the following: Dentelle (French for "lace"), Crinoline, Blanche, Can-Can, Knickers, Frou-Frou, and Frisson ("chill")! You can get color descriptions at the link above; swatches to come soon. Miss K. comes up with the best collection themes, doesn't she? :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please Vote!

Hi everyone :-) You may not have noticed that I posted a poll on my blog (to the right of the page) almost a week ago asking what company I should test and review next (lots of choices). I currently have a half dozen votes, but I'd like to have more! There are 6 hours left on the poll. Won't you please cast a vote? Thanks.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Shout-Out to bbfriendforever!

Welcome to new follower bbfriendforever (aka Helen F.)! She's from the United Kingdom and is clearly a makeup loonie like the rest of us, LOL. Helen has a blog called BBFF* (*Beauty Best Friend Forever). Why not swing on by and check it out?  She's got nice mix of EOTDs and product swatches as well as as a lovely photo of mountains in France where she was on skiing holiday fairly recently. It reminds me of my father's Swiss heritage and the times I spent vacationing in in Switzerland. Lots of good memories. Thanks for reminding me, Helen [which is also my mom's name, funny that] :-)

Mountains in France (Google photo)

Mountains in Switzerland (Google photo). See? Not so different: Both are craggy, pointy, and covered with snow!

Here are Helen's answers to my "desert-island" questions": (1) Describe yourself in three words and why? (2) What three foods do you like best and why? (3) What would be your three "desert-island" cosmetics and why (i.e., if you were stranded on a desert island, which three cosmetics (brand and type/name please) would you most want to have with you and why)?

1.  I am sociable, smart, and a good friend because I like to talk; I make careful decisions; and I like to think that I am a good friend, but perhaps I'm not! It's like when I once asked a social worker friend if she thought I might actually be crazy (in reference to a particular situation at the time). She said, "If you can ask that question, you're not crazy." So, I'll bet you are indeed a god friend, Helen, because can ask yourself that question!

2. I love fruit, chocolate, and yoghurt. I eat all three foods every day, and they are all good for me. I eat all them, too, but not every day. However, the chocolate I could make into a three-meals-per-day habit, LOL!

3. Desert Island cosmetics? Mmmm . . . assuming it's a tropical island, then sun screen because I burn easily and like to protect my skin from the sun's harmful effects. The sun screens I use the most are from L'Oreal (just scroll down). Next is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream because it's so useful. Lastly, a bottle of Dr. Bronners liquid soap (the rose scent), again because it's a multi-use product, and I like to feel clean . . . !

Hmmm, I think we have a all-around healthy beauty blogger here. Thanks for sharing your answers, Helen, and we'll b e looking forward to your next blog post :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(Late) Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Inexpensive Tooth Whitening

Did you know that you can whiten your teeth at least one shade using generic antiseptic oral mouth cleanser? The main tooth-whitening agent in may cleansers, carbamide peroxide (10%), is also found in many tooth-whitening products. I put about 10 drops of cleanser in my mouth after brushing at night, swish it around, and leave it in my mouth for as long as possible, usually 2 minutes before bedtime. It makes my teeth about one shade lighter and must be kept up, but it's simple and inexpensive to use. I use the one made by CVS, and at about $5.99 a bottle, it's definitely a cheaper, easier, and more discreet option than tooth-whitening trays if you don't need to do any serious whitening (for that you'll need a kit or a dentist). For the cleanser, just make sure you look for "carbamide peroxide 10%" (or more) on the list of active ingredients.
Last, I thought this list of Earth-friendly beauty products from Recyclebank was interesting. Off this list, and just at a glance, the two things I use are the Radius Intelligent toothbrush, which has replaceable heads, and Jason bath products. How about you? Do you use anything among these Earth-friendly product lists?
If you're not a Recylcebank member and want to be, you can go through my link here. It's a pretty cool way to learn about recycling and earn points toward valuable coupons and gift. I mainly go for Kashi coupons and magazine subscriptions, but they have a lot of stuff on there for redeeming points. Plus you'll get 10 free points just for signing up :-)

Oh, and please take my poll on the right about what you'd like me to test and review next.! Thanks :-)

Monday, April 9, 2012

I've Hit the Five-Month Mark!

I just realized that today marks the fifth month from when I started the Test It Up! challenge in November 2011 to help keep me on a cosmetic no-buy. I have had some slips, but I've tried to keep them to less than $10, and I record what I've tested each day. On lazy days, it's just usually two products. On a really good day, it might be four or five products off my list. If you want to have a looky-loo, here are both pages of the challenge:
I am eons away from using up these items, even the samples let alone the full-size jars, so I'll be splitting or quartering a lot of the jars for my blog sale (to come), so keep your eyes out!

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Spearl Mattes

Company name: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
Web site

The Web Site Itself
I’ve already reviewed the Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Web site store, and since nothing major has changed sine then, I don’t have anything new to add. For most indies, I’ll cease reviewing the on-line store after one or two reviews (unless something changes) and go straight to the product review. 

Same as above. Still the same prices as in the original reviews. I did hear a rumor, though, that there might be a sale in early May 2012 :-)

TAT and Shipping
I received these samples from Dawn for review purpose, so TAT, etc, does not apply! 

Product: 5 of 5 Stars

Caveat and Overall Review: I am just barely a matte liker (not lover). I have a tiny collection of neutral matte eyeshadows because sometimes that’s what I’m in the mood to wear or sometimes what the occasion calls for, but they comprise a very small portion of my collection. My heart lies in shimmer, sparkle, metallic, and shine. So, I was surprised that Dawn wanted my opinion of her new Spearl Mattes, but in alignment with my philosophy to never judge an eyeshadow without trying it first, I was game to test and review them.

I am not a matte aficionado by any means, but I found these mattes to be creamy and to have excellent pigmentation without chalkiness (all tried and swatched over UDPP). The bright colors she sent scared the pants off me, but I tried them anyway. I was right. Those colors almost universally looked like ass on my fair pink-toned complexion, but I loved many of the neutrals, some of the pastels (which I usually can’t pull off at all!), and even Cranberry, which was a very pleasant surprise on my hazel green eyes. I’m not going to review each color separately because (1) they’re mattes, LOL, and thus have no particular color or sparkle qualities to review and (2) the color name is exactly what you get. The only colors that varied from this are Dawn’s take on “taupe,” which to my eye both (Light Taupe and Dark Taupe) have a generous helping of deep burgundy/violet , not really a taupe-ish quality but extremely beautiful nevertheless. You can really see this in Dawn’s swatch photo below.
DEC Web site swatch of taupe Spearl Mattes
I actually appreciated this tweak from the usual taupe because I like twists and variations in my eyeshadows. Some of the colors I’m may "franken" together to make them more wearable for me, and some of the colors I’m going to repurchase as they are.

My swatch photos are not remotely good at all. I’m barely getting a handle on photographing sparkle, so the mattes really threw me for a loop. Imagine not having to chase the sun for reasonably good photos! I swatched only the neutrals I am fond of as well as a few of the bright colors so you can get a general idea of them. Please refer to the DEC Web site for much better swatch photos. As I usually so, I’ve bolded the shade names below that were my favorites and that I intend to purchase more of.

Colors Received, Swatched, and Photographed (right to left, top to bottom, in the order named below)


Some neutral DEC Spearl Mattes under natural light

Texture of some neutral DEC Spearl Mattes under natural light
• Cream
Pastel Yellow
• Pastel Peach
• Beige
• Pastel Pink
• Cranberry
• Milk Chocolate
• Dark Brown
• Taupe
• Dark Taupe (directly under Taupe and in its own row)


Some DEC bright Spearl Mattes under natural light
• Goldenrod
• Orange
• Fuchsia
• Peach
• Yellow

Would I Buy Again?
Some? Yes. On the whole? No, but just because they have the unfortunate happenstance of being mattes. It’s not their fault. Mattes deserve love, too, right?
Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Stars :-)
Disclaimer: I received these samples from the company owner for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun One-Day (Today) Sale at Black Rose Minerals!

Lord help me, but despite the fact that I said I wouldn't buy any more eyeshadow samples until I tested up everything I already have, I just bought 25 more samples at the fun Black Rose Minerals sale going on right now. With a shot at a 40%-off code (and I got it), how could I not?

Here are the deets:

 This sale is for Saturday April 7th (officially at midnight Friday night PST).

The sale will be on first-come, first-serve basis.

There are a few ways to save.

1. There will be 10 40% off coupon codes available for your entire purchase. The coupon code is save40.

2. There will be 15 30%  off coupons available for your entire purchase. The coupon code is save30.

3. There will be an unlimited amount of coupon codes for 15% off your entire purchase. The coupon code is save15.

One day sale! The sale ends at midnight PST on April 7th.

And here are the colors I got, some of which are sure to be reviewed:


What are YOU going to get?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cosmetic Tip Tuesday/Review: Inexpensive Makeup-Remover Wipes

EDIT 04/03/12: This was a good tip when I published it back in fall 2011, when my blog had few followers, so I think it bears republishing for all the gals who have come on board since then!

Item: Huggies Naturally Refreshing Green Tea and Cucumber Baby Wipes

What? Baby wipes on a beauty blog? Yep. I first read about them being used as facial wipes (i.e., to remove makeup) on Makeup Alley. I read several positive reviews on using Huggies wipes in this manner, and I was looking for some good (but not too expensive) wipes anyway, so I decided to give them a try. 

Before this, I had been using Korres Pomegranate Cleansing and Make Up Removing (gotta love the lack of punctuation there) Wipes for Oily and Combination Skin (neither of which I have, but I got them with a Groupon certificate to a cosmetic site; $12 for 25 = $.48/wipe). Although they burned my sensitive skin just slightly, I liked the way they smelled as well as their convenience. That's how I got hooked on wipes and went searching for a cheaper alternative to the Korres wipes; hence, the Huggies Wipes. 
The wipes that started it all
 I got 184 Huggies wipes (!) for about $7.99 ($7.99 for 184 wipes = $.04/wipe) at the Giant Food Store where I grocery shop, but I imagine that you could buy them just about anywhere. They didn't have them in the cute pop-up dispenser like other versions, but the green tea wipes were specifically recommended on MUA for make-up removal purposes, so I just got the refill pack. 
The better (and cheaper) wipes!
Well, I'll tell ya: They work great for removing regular (not waterproof [WP]) makeup! I wear WP makeup only once in a while, so if you're a WP gal, you'll need something stronger. But these also work well for wiping away cleansing oil used to remove eye makeup without having to wash your face all over again :-) They have a nice, light fresh scent and leave my face feeling as smooth as a baby's buttockular area :-) In fact, I figured they'd have to be safe and gently beforehand because they are made for baby arses. They are also great for, er, personal cleansing.

If you're interested, here is some safety information about them from the Huggies Web site:

Product use: Skin/personal cleansing [Ha! See?]
Product description: Clear, colorless liquid with a pleasant odor on a white polypropylene/cellulose wipe.
Emergency overview: May cause mild eye irritation.
EU Classification (1999/45/EC): Not classified as a dangerous substance or
US OSHA Classification (29CFR1910.1200): Not hazardous
Canadian WHMIS Classification: Not a controlled product.

Guess they're safe enough, ummmm,  for a . . . baby, LOL :-) So, clean up, gals (and stay that way!)

Disclaimer: I purchased this product for my own use.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

[ENDED] Fifty-"Likes" Giveaway from GlamHerEyezByGwenLee

Here' are the deets;

Let me post this again . . . I'M SUPER PUMPED ABOUT my 1st giveaway & the amazing gifts! So the GIVEAWAY is simple... Its a "LIKES" GIVEAWAY!

1st: Please share my page with a FRIEND and have them post on my wall that YOU sent them. (please post that Fleurs-de-Lisa sent you!)

Your Prizes are from 2 My Favorite (out of 4-5) Indy Companies! Both woman who run these companies are AMAZING! Not to forget their products!
 2nd: Go to
and like MOI's page and POST ON HER WALL (so i can see it), and thank her for her generosity for this LIKES give-a-way & that GlamHerEyezByGwenLee (I must be able to see both!)

3: Go to
and like CDC page and do the same as step 2. like, thank, and say i sent ya!

So I will be posting next the PRIZE!!!

Lastly 4th:. There will be 2 pics of the prizes . . . but the prizes will be as one. When your'e done step 1,2, & 3, post under either pic ( it does not matter) that you're done!

This will be over April 1st, Sunday @ 10pm EST. (since this is my first, imma ask some beauty friends which "random" picker sites the best!
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