Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Massive On-Going Clearance Sale at Dawn Eyes Cosmetics!

Hi everyone! Dawn Eye Cosmetics is having a massive clearance sale (to make room for new colors) until Midnight on June 6, 2012 (at least for the following listed shades; more colors will be released and will have an extended sale term). Prices are on full-size jars only: $2.75 per jar. I assume that her regular shipping prices apply. Here's massive list no. 1 (alphabetized for ease of searching colors), and the sale link is HERE:

Almost Concrete Jungle
Almost Dark
Almost Hot Pink
Almost Neon Pink
American Bluebird
Aquableu II (which was never actually released by accident, but is a sparkly version of Aquableu)
Ass Kickin’ Copper
Baby Doll Pink
Baja Sunrise
Basic Green Shimmer
Basic Pale Copper
Basic Soft Bronze
Blue Grey Pearl
Blue Raspberry
Blue Sundae
Bright Blue
Bright Pink Sparkle
Brilliant Burnt Orange
Bubble Gum
Bubbling Spring
Chocolate Diamond
Close to Coral
Concord Grape
Copper Beige
Copper Crystal
Coral Conspiracy
Dark Brown Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Dark Brown Matte (NOT a Spearl Shade!)
Day Lily
Deep Pink Sparkle
Dew Drops
Diamond Sky
Dusk Takes Over
Dusty Roses
Electric Lavender
Emeralds & Sapphires
Evening Clouds
Evening Falls
Evening Glow
Faerie Dance
Feed Me Seymor
Flame Dance
Flaming Fancy
Football in KC
Football in Pittsburgh
Forget Me Not
Fresh Earth
Frosted Evergreen
Georgia Peach
Girly Girl
Gleaming Chrome
Glistening Pine
Glittering Aquamarine
Glittering Grey Fire
Glittering Hibiscus
Glorious Green
Glowing Green
Gold Encrusted Amethyst
Golden Bone
Golden Fleece
Golden Jade
Golden Peacock
Golden Peacock Blue
Golden Peacock Green
Golden Sparkle Pink
Green Silk
Grey Fire
Hey Barkeep!
Hidden Moonlight
Holographic Black
Holographic Lavender
Holographic Pale Lilac
How Sweet the Sound
Intense Metallic Blue
Ivy & Ivory
Jacket Blue
Jeweled Pewter
Just Silver
KC Red
KC Red
Khaki with Kick
King’s Robe
Kiss Kiss
Kiss Me
Lady Sings the Blues
Lady Sings the Blues Holographic
Late Fall
Lavender Daydream
Lavender Paradise
Lemon Ice
Lemon Sparkle
Light Green & Gold
Lively Lavender
Magnificent Magenta
Mardi Gras
Matte Peach (NOT a Spearl shade!)
Medium Copper Sparkle
Medium Dark Brown Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Medium Grey Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Metallic Lavender Sparkle
Metallic Teal
Midnight Kiss
Miss K II
Moonlight Serenade
Morning Forest
Morning Glory
Mystic Dawn
Navel Orange
Night Sky Gold
Noble Metal
Not Your Everyday Blue
Olive and Pimento
Olive Sands
Orange Julius
Orange Sherbet
Pale Grey Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Pale Lavender Shimmer
Pale Lilac
Pale Mauve w/ Green Shimmer
Peach Bubbly
Peach Bubbly
Peach Zinger
Peacock Teal
Peacock Teal II
Perfect Pink
Petal Pink
Pine Plus
Pink Parfait
Pink Pearls
Pink Shimmer
Pink Sparkle Metallic Champagne
Pink Sparkling Beige
Pirate Tears
Pittsburgh Blue
Pittsburgh Red
Pittsburgh White
Plain Brown Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Plain Burnt Orange
Plain light Brown
Plain Pale Soft Rose
Plain Palest Soft Rose
Plain Soft Rose
Playoff White
Playoff Yellow
Pleasantly Pink
Plum Sparkle
Pretty Blue Stone
Pretty Pale Blue
Purple & Gold Sparkle Copper
Purple Forest
Purple Passion
Purple Peeps
Purple Sparkle Silver
Rainy Day Purple
Rebel Purple
Red Sparkle Pink
Rich Plum Wine
Rose Gold
Rubies on the Beach
Sands of Time
Shimmering Pale Pink
Shock Value
Silver Borealis
Silver Prism
Silver Shimmer Grey
Smoked Teal
Soft Green Gold Shimmer
Soft Lavender
Soft N Sweet
Soft White Beach
Sparkling Beige Pearl
Sparkling Golden Jade
Sparkling Golden Purple
Sparkling Grape
Sparkling Jade
Sparkling Pink
Sparkling Purple Gold
Sparkling Purple Grey
Sparkling Tea Roses
Spray Paint Landscape
Spring Buds
St. Patrick’s Day
Sterling Character
Sultry Blue
Summer Blue Sky
Summer Wheat
Sun Kissed Seafoam
Sunlit Coral
Sunny Side Up
Super Sparkle Pink
Take Me with You
Take Your Teal
Tea Time Rose
Third Day Purple
Traveling Pink
Twinkling Deep Brown
Twinkling Teal
Ugly Gold
Ultimate Purple
Verdant Brown
Verdant Dark Brown
Very Hot Pink
White Gold
Who the “H” Knows?
Wild Strawberry
Wild White
Wine by the Sea
Year Old Penny
Yellow Green Shimmer

I''ll list the new colors as soon as I get them from Dawn. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aaaack! Finally!

Just a mini-post to let you know I finally caught a very small swath of sunlight in my office to take photos/video for the Silk Naturals review I promised. It's been overcast here in southeastern Pennsylvania for weeks now; hence, the lack of reviews. Now I just have to actually write the review, LOL. I should be back in action this weekend if not before. Thanks for being patient!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoya Contest = Woot!

I picked and repinned the following shades: Rory, Lara, and Shelby. What colors did you repin?

Click here to go to the Zoya Surf Collection board, and HAPPY PINNING!  :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mega-Belated Weekend Shout-Out to Gabriela N.-S. and Others!

Talk to the hand. Gabriela's hand, I mean, LOL. Gaby was kind enough to send me a photo of her results from trying the newspaper mani I published recently, so I made her an honorary Fleur.
I like the "old-timey" look of this mani
She has also become a new follower and dutifully answered my "getting-to-know-you" questions (i.e., [1] Describe yourself in three words and why, [2] What three foods do you like best and why? and [3] What would be your three "desert-island" cosmetics and why, i.e., if you were stranded on a desert island, which three cosmetics (brand and type/name please) would you most want to have with you and why)? Here are her answers:

1. Hilarious. Audiences agree. Sarcastic (see "hilarious"). Tough. I am a 33-year-old widow. I lost my soul mate and husband of 13 years recently. I can't explain how or why, but I'm still standing.

2. Any and all fruit. Specifically pomegranates. I'll put on a pair of gloves and peel/shell (?) a few at a time into a large bowl. I then add a dash of salt and lime juice and eat it with a spoon. The combination of tangy/salty/sweet always makes my mouth water. I've done it this way since I was a kid. Delayed gratification makes it all the more delicious. My mom's handmade tortillas. Corn and flour. The corn tortillas I love to eat with queso fresco, which she makes herself. The flour tortillas I bathe in butter and roll them into burritos. I've always eaten them standing at the stove with her as she cooks them. It's comfort food. My mom's posole. She only makes it around the holidays, but whenever my husband and I visited her in CA from AZ she always made some for him because it was his favorite also.

Pomegranate: the glamour girl of the fruit world!

3. I could manage going without makeup. But I would NEVER go without nail polish. On a desert island, no one is going to see my face, but I can always admire my own pretty tips and toes. So I'd only take polish. With a collection of over 500 bottles, I couldn't choose only 3. But if I had to, I could narrow it down to my 3 favorite finishes: holographic (Glitter Gal) , duo/multichrome (Sally Hansen Nail Prisms), and flakies (Finger Paints [I couldn't find a link to this finish, so I'm sending you to Scrangie's blog!]).

Gabriela, I would be tempted to throw some tequila into the pomegranate-lime-salt mixture, LOL. Also, I'm just getting into nail polish (although I don't do a full mani), so I appreciate knowing about those brands and finishes you mentioned!

The following people joined my blog since the last shout-out: mynewestaddiction, lacquerloon, and Makeup Zombie. Hey all <waves madly>!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

WnW Nail Pail, Purple Mesh Earrings, and My Mom's Nail Humor

WnW Nail Pail posing with kitchen orchids :-)
Whew, I'm beat. I took on some work from a colleague who needed some help, and although it's interesting work because it's different from my regular medical and environmental editing, it's a lot of small chapters to look over. I've reviewed more than 600 pages in the past few days, and I have 110 pages left to check tomorrow.

It's a book of personal correspondence between a judge who sat on the Supreme Court from 1924 to 1961 and includes his letters to and from such famous people as presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower, as well as Oliver Wendell Holms, Walter Lippmann, and publisher Alfred A. Knopf , and discussing such things as the Sacco and Venzetti trial and the "New "Deal" engineered by FDR. Pretty cool stuff, even though I am in no way a history or legal buff. The use of the English language by the judges and dignitaries at that time was so wickedly good that it makes us, in the 2000s, look like dunderheads. Kind of like when you see "Sense and Sensibility" and come away from the movie and want to wield your English as beautifully and properly as the actors did :-) Le sigh. However, I did get a kick by the somewhat liberal use of "ain't" by this and other Supreme Court judges!

WnW Nail Pail
I recently joined Yardsellr, which is like on on-line yard sale.I still haven't figured out some of the nuances yet, but I have managed to buy two pairs of earrings (and some loose beading beads) that were nearly free, one of which are these long, dangly purple wire mesh earrings. I think they are funky and cute! But just like any yard sale, mostly everything is junk that no one wants. You have to hunt for the "treasures," which is part of the fun! Have you bought anything from Yardsellr yet?

On the blog horizon: the promised SN review (it's been too gloomy here to take pics), Avon's Glow eyeliner in  Desert Gold, the Physicians Formula eyeliner set I bought the other day (I like it a lot), and probably something else I'm forgetting.

I'm just so busy putting out fires that I haven't had time to post, so I'll leave you with some funny photos of my 75-year-old mom trying to "model" her "nail" (yes, I've got her doing it now, too). We almost both peed ourselves laughing when we took these photos. Hope you laugh as much as we did doing this!

My mom chose the WnW yellow polish
  The Wicked Witch of the West school of nail modeling

 The Cirque du Soleil school of nail modeling

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dawn Eyes Giveaway on BBFF* Blog!

Helen F., the creator the BBFF* (*Best Beauty Friend Forever) has become a friend of mine from across the "pond." We currently have a swap going on, and it's been much fun corresponding. She's currently having a giveaway of six (!) full-size Dawn Eyes eyeshadows as follows: Soft Subtle Beige, Redbud, Merry Go Round, Gold Gilded Blue, Tusk, and Neon Purple Sparkle. Me? I'd especially like Tusk. Remember that Fleetwood Mac song and album y the same name, LOL?

Tusk swatch from the DEC Web site.
So, get thee to Helen's blog and enter now (by Rafflecopter)! Sounds like a great, well-balanced eyeshadow collection, Helen :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stuff You Must Buy

You. must. shop. here. now. LaRu etsy shop. Here are a few product photos to whet your appetite (photos reprinted with artist's permission):

Pink Bunny Necklace
Love Gun necklace
Hipster Buns print


Skeleton Couple print

Be On the Lookout for a Good CVS "Red Box" Coupon!

After weeks of dreary un-needed CVS Extra Rewards coupons being dispensed from the ubiquitous "red box," e.g., $1.00 off CVS hemorrhoid cream, BOGO free hearing-aid batteries, and $.50 off Porcelana cream (or some red boxes in certain stores not working at all ), I finally scored a couple of coupons I could use today, one being, in particular, a coupon for $7.00 off any Physicians Formula item, with no minimum spending to be met! Since CVS has $5.00 off any PF cosmetic item this week, that means . . . FREE MAKEUP!

I got the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio [for] Hazel Eyes. It has the following colors in it: taupe, pink, and black with pink shimmer. The original price was $10.99 less $5.00 CVS weekly special + $7.00 Extra Bucks coupon = FREE! I was able to put the left-over $1.01 from the PF coupon to a box of individual Soothe eyedrops, plus I had another $4.00 Extra Bucks coupon for that to begin with. So, all in all, something fun and something needed, both for no or little actual moolah out of my wallet!

I'll be reviewing them at some point, which should be fun since I don't usually wear eyeliner, LOL :-) But, if it's free, I'm game!

Just wasted to give you a heads up to remember to scan your Extra Bucks card or tag at the CVS "red box" this week!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Because I *Am* That Weird

I am not a nail polish girl at all in any way, shape or form. I can appreciate a beautiful and/or clever mani on someone else, but doing one for myself is a time-consuming for what I consider little personal payoff. So . . . drum roll of weirdness please . . . when I'm in the mood, I just do "My Nail." Yep, that's right. I mani just one perfect nail because I don't have the time, patience, or lack of perfectionism to do a whole handful of nails only to have them chip one day or even a few hours later. To me, it's like wearing a piece of jewelry.

And, yes, I do use a good base coat and top coat, but the danged things still chip like a mofo. In my dreams, my nails would look like Scrangie's nails or like Short and Sweet's nails: Fairly short, shapely, and properly, even glowingly, lacquered. But such is the stuff of dreams, so I console myself with My Nail. My favorite ever nail was done with a blood red shimmery polish (Zoya Ivy) and had one small crystal applied to it. I told people it would be my wedding nail if I ever got married. I've even discussed with a friend the benefits of a cupcake nail so I could snack discretely when I wanted to, LOL :-)

Like this but with REAL cake and frosting [not my nails obviously]!
I was playing around with a crackle polish (Sally Hansen White Crackle Overcoat) the other day, and was having so much fun I did three nails (oh, the folly!). They lasted for a couple of days (I figured out that crackle polish is very forgiving: chips don't show that easily and for that reason I may use it way past its fashion). For the base colors, I used Essie Turquoise and Caicos, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Mauve It (third row down, fifth swatch over in color chart), and Zoya Ivy with the SH White Crackle Overcoat.

This is my "special three-finger" nail weirdness: 

This is my usual every day nail weirdness:

OK, commence laughing :-)