Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(Late) Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Inexpensive Tooth Whitening

Did you know that you can whiten your teeth at least one shade using generic antiseptic oral mouth cleanser? The main tooth-whitening agent in may cleansers, carbamide peroxide (10%), is also found in many tooth-whitening products. I put about 10 drops of cleanser in my mouth after brushing at night, swish it around, and leave it in my mouth for as long as possible, usually 2 minutes before bedtime. It makes my teeth about one shade lighter and must be kept up, but it's simple and inexpensive to use. I use the one made by CVS, and at about $5.99 a bottle, it's definitely a cheaper, easier, and more discreet option than tooth-whitening trays if you don't need to do any serious whitening (for that you'll need a kit or a dentist). For the cleanser, just make sure you look for "carbamide peroxide 10%" (or more) on the list of active ingredients.
Last, I thought this list of Earth-friendly beauty products from Recyclebank was interesting. Off this list, and just at a glance, the two things I use are the Radius Intelligent toothbrush, which has replaceable heads, and Jason bath products. How about you? Do you use anything among these Earth-friendly product lists?
If you're not a Recylcebank member and want to be, you can go through my link here. It's a pretty cool way to learn about recycling and earn points toward valuable coupons and gift. I mainly go for Kashi coupons and magazine subscriptions, but they have a lot of stuff on there for redeeming points. Plus you'll get 10 free points just for signing up :-)

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