Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aromaleigh Beauty You Missed . . .

I know I said that my blog sale post was probably my last post before I close my blog, but I couldn't resist showing you all what you missed on my blog sale (except for the two lucky buyers who bought EVERYTHING!). Not that Aromaleigh eyeshadows confer a special talent for applying eyeshadow, in the hands of a master they do work their magic.

Here are some look from Em M., blogess at Glitter Is My Crack and Facebooker at Blix MoonMaiden, featuring looks using Aromaleigh cosmetics. I consider Em a classic beauty with mad skills, so she shows off Aromaleigh cosmetics to their highest potential :-) Enjoy!

Above:  Golden, peach, pink, red, brown cut crease, and glitter liner look using Aromaleigh:  Pass the Tarts, Hearts a' Plenty, Temper, Temper, But This is My Dream, and Salome glitter eyeshadows

Above:  Look using Aromaleigh's Mythos Collection: Hades, Phoebe, Asteria, Nyx,  Selene, and Rhea eyeshadows

Above:  Teal and purple look using Aromaleigh's Les Papillions Collection:  Ephemeral Violet, Morphing Moon, Vigil of Change, Air & Light eyeshadows and Drama Queen Liner in Teal 


Above:  Teal and olive green look using Aromaleigh:  Sylph, Darcelle, Morphing Moon, and Isadora eyeshadows


Above:  Orange and purple look using Aromaleigh's Les Papillons Collection:  Glowing Luna, Spread Your Wings, Fragile Charms, and Air & Light eyeshadows

And my favorite (above):  Copper, wine and midnight blue look using Aromaleigh:  Shadow Witch, Emergent Beauty, Bliss, and Glow eyeshadows

If you peruse Em's blog, you'll also see examples of Aromaleigh blush application. Have fun!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Woot! Blog Sale Goodies Have All Been Sold!

Well, somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming!  First came a gal from Spain who bought about, say, 1/16 of my blog sale items, and her package shipped last week. Then came a gal from the Netherlands who bought all of the remaining items except for the nail polishes, LOL. It's a blog sale proprietor's dream come true! I gave her a good deal for taking it all in one fell swoop. I had jokingly intimated at that possibility in the initial post but never thought that someone would take actually me up on it. Oh, it's going to be like Christmas Day when the package arrives at her address. Whoo to the hoo! Aromaleigh goodness! May God bless you, you cat-owning Aromaleigh collector :-) May you enjoy everything in good and happy health! My makeup spring cleaning is ON!