Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mystery Formulator: Part 1

Helllloooo, everyone! Long time, no blog, huh? Well, things are calming down from my jewelry sale just long enough to segue right into the holiday-frenzy season, and despite that I am determined to put up a blog series about a "mystery formulator."

I'm not going to write much at this point except to say there will be a Rafflecopter-based contest to win some samples from this formulator at the end of the series. I'll be providing more photos of different eyeshadow swatches when I can get some decent winter sun. If you're willing to take a guess (or several guesses), each guess will earn you an extra entry into the contest. Guesses must be in response to this post only. The contest will have its own set of entry requirements, but you can start earning extra entries right . . . now!

I'm giving you only photos, videos, and color names to go by :-) All names match the swatches from top to bottom, left to right. Swatches done over Hi-Fi primer. Sorry to expose you to my deformed wrist in the video. Handicapped is the way I "roll" (literally). I also apologize for the somewhat sloppy swatching. It's been a loooong time.

Alison, Bella, Gayle, Goldie, and Kelly in sunlight
Alison, Bella, Gayle, Goldie, Kelly in slight shade


OK, guess away :-) More clues to come.