Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dawn Eyes Spring 2012: Flora and Fauna LE Collection

Company name: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
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A general note about this collection: IMHO, Dawn has outdone herself by creating her most gorgeous collection yet! All of the colors are spot-on as to the flora and fauna they represent; almost all of them are very bright; and all of them have contrasting and very visible sparkage. If you like brights and can get only one sample full set of Dawn’s eyeshadow, you must get this set, which is currently on sale for only $10.01! My photos are not nearly as beautiful as the shadows actually are, so refer to the photos on the DEC Web site if you’re planning on buying. All colors were swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. All swatches are in order, from left to right and top to bottom, of the descriptions below.

All the happy little samples!
Colors Received (my take in italics ; favorites are bolded)

• Azalea: Very hot pink that at the right angle has the slightest hint of orange; satin finish and scattered with glitter that changes from blue to violet to pink Gorgeous glittery color, but unfortunately not a rebuy for me, at least not for a full lid. However, I loved it combined with Bluebell on the outer lids (see below for details) HMMMM . . . MAYBE I SHOULD CONSIDER BUYING MORE OF THIS COLOR :-)

• Bluebell: Semi-metallic mid-day summer-sky blue with a flash of subtle violet I wore this on the outer corners of my lids with Azalea on the inner corners and got a lot of compliments.  I GOT ANOTHER SAMPLE WITH MY RECENT FULL-SIZE PURCHASE FOR COMBINING PURPOSES :-)

• Crocus: Bright royal purple head on, glittering with purple sparkle; change the angle to [see] a deep plum, glittering with gold . . . a flash of violet/pink glitter over medium dark purple satin To my eyes, this color was so close to Pansy in the sample baggie that I had a hard time telling them apart. On my eyes, however, I preferred Pansy for its myriad gold sparks! SORRY, BUT NOT A REBUY :-(

• Daffodil: Brilliant yellow gold satin, shimmering with gold and silver sparkle Yellow is not a color I can do a full lid with, but this was great on the inner corners of my lids with Azalea on the outer corners. I GOT AN EXTRA SAMPLE WITH MY RECENT FULL-SIZE PURCHASE FOR COMBINING PURPOSES :-)

Green Tulip: Sassy medium green loaded with color-shifting sparkle that runs from pink/violet to copper/gold with hints of blue; this shade look almost coppery from certain angles O. M. G. This is one of the most beautiful colors I have ever seen, although I don’t usually fall head over heels with greens. However, this shade has sparkage of so many other colors, it’s hard to say it’s “just a green.” I LIKED THIS COLOR SO MUCH I BOUGHT A FULL-SIZE JAR OF IT :-)!

• Leptotes Marina (butterfly): Satiny semi-metallic deep brown is rich, luxurious and very sparkly with blue/aqua/purple color-shifting glitter This color was pretty, but it wasn’t special enough to merit buying a FS jar of it. If it had had way more blue sparkage in it, I would have bought a FS jar. This was the only *slight* disappointment in the collection. NOT A REBUY :-(

• Lily of the Valley: Bright, pearly, and opaque white loaded with color-shifting sparkles that range from aqua/blue to pink/purple I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how beautiful it is, no matter the much shift and/or sparkage, I just don’t wear all-out white highlighters that well. I do much better with an off-white, cream, bone, or pale gold.  LOVELY, BUT NOT A REBUY FOR ME :-(

DEC Spring 2012 LE colors 1 through 7 (natural light)
 • Morpho Menelaus: Aqua blue has a purple shift and aqua/blue/purple–shifting glitter I SO can’t do deep blues, I almost didn’t give this color a try. However, I’m committed to not judging a color in the sample baggie, so on it went. I was right: I indeed can’t do dark blues . . . but maybe I could try it on my outer lids with something more wearable on the inner lids. HOWEVER, MOST LIKELY NOT A REBUY :-(

Pansy: Rich medium dark purple satin sporting beautiful green/gold and bright pink glitter in abundance I want to eat this color, it’s that yummy! There seemed to be a fairly strong purple shift on my eyes, which is what probably make it work for me. I LIKED THIS COLOR SO MUCH I BOUGHT A FULL-SIZE JAR OF IT :-)

• Peony: Bright peony pink loaded with green and aqua shimmer I didn’t get the green and aqua shimmer in this at all, plus it as too blue-toned for me. NOT A REBUY :-(

Poppy: Bright, brilliant, hot orange with a red heart and a golden glaze; dripping with color-shifting sparkles that range blue/aqua/violet and pink/gold For some reason I want to use the word “gargantuan” in describing this shade. It’s a “big” color, and it’s sooooooo bright, it literally looks “hot.” Plus it *is* hot, LOL. I BOUGHT A FULL-SIZE JAR OF THIS SHADE :-)

Redbud: Bright metallic beige with the barest hint of green, loaded with color-shifting sparkle of pink/violet to copper/gold IMHO, this is the most delectable color in the entire collection. I love Dawn’s lush metallic beiges:-)

• Rununculus: Medium orange/coral/copper color-changer loaded with sparkle that also changes color from aqua to purple to pink Despite the clear description, I was unrealistically hoping that this color would turn out to be more of a coral. It wasn’t, LOL. However, it’s a gorgeous orange, and I may try combining it with another color that’s more my speed. NOT A REPURCHASE :-(

Water Lily: Dusty medium green lies under a fine pale pink patina, very pearly and sometimes tinged with violet; bright glitter with a range of color from blue to aqua to violet, aqua the most prominent Truly a “water-color” shade, but not shy and retiring at all, this made me think of the water-lily display at Longwood Gardens (scroll almost all the way down the page for a photo). This color was a last-minute “add” to my cart when I bought full sizes of the colors noted above. It didn’t scream my name, but it did insistently whisper to me. I BOUGHT A FULL-SIZE JAR :-)

DEC Spring 2012 LE colors 8 through 14 (natural light)
 Would I Buy Again?
I already have (full-size jars for some of the colors), and now that I’ve written this review, I may have to pick up a few extra samples of some of the remaining shades, LOL.
Disclaimer: Samples of this collection were sent to my by the company owner for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh wow, these look beautiful! Great swatches Lisa :)

    1. Thank you. I'm not very confident in my swatching and photographing skills yet, so I appreciate your kind comment :-)

  2. Love Dawn Eyes. I think I'll have to get Daffodil for sure. I'm a sucker for yellow.

  3. Yellow is definitely beginning to grow on me, as long as I use it on the inner corners of my lids with something else. I tested some of DEC's new Spearl Mattes today: Pale Yellow on the inner corners; Pale Pink on the outer corners; Pale Peach in the center; and WnW Brulee as wash from crease to brow bone. It looked lovely, like a spring day :-) Thanks for commenting!