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Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Spearl Mattes

Company name: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
Web site

The Web Site Itself
I’ve already reviewed the Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Web site store, and since nothing major has changed sine then, I don’t have anything new to add. For most indies, I’ll cease reviewing the on-line store after one or two reviews (unless something changes) and go straight to the product review. 

Same as above. Still the same prices as in the original reviews. I did hear a rumor, though, that there might be a sale in early May 2012 :-)

TAT and Shipping
I received these samples from Dawn for review purpose, so TAT, etc, does not apply! 

Product: 5 of 5 Stars

Caveat and Overall Review: I am just barely a matte liker (not lover). I have a tiny collection of neutral matte eyeshadows because sometimes that’s what I’m in the mood to wear or sometimes what the occasion calls for, but they comprise a very small portion of my collection. My heart lies in shimmer, sparkle, metallic, and shine. So, I was surprised that Dawn wanted my opinion of her new Spearl Mattes, but in alignment with my philosophy to never judge an eyeshadow without trying it first, I was game to test and review them.

I am not a matte aficionado by any means, but I found these mattes to be creamy and to have excellent pigmentation without chalkiness (all tried and swatched over UDPP). The bright colors she sent scared the pants off me, but I tried them anyway. I was right. Those colors almost universally looked like ass on my fair pink-toned complexion, but I loved many of the neutrals, some of the pastels (which I usually can’t pull off at all!), and even Cranberry, which was a very pleasant surprise on my hazel green eyes. I’m not going to review each color separately because (1) they’re mattes, LOL, and thus have no particular color or sparkle qualities to review and (2) the color name is exactly what you get. The only colors that varied from this are Dawn’s take on “taupe,” which to my eye both (Light Taupe and Dark Taupe) have a generous helping of deep burgundy/violet , not really a taupe-ish quality but extremely beautiful nevertheless. You can really see this in Dawn’s swatch photo below.
DEC Web site swatch of taupe Spearl Mattes
I actually appreciated this tweak from the usual taupe because I like twists and variations in my eyeshadows. Some of the colors I’m may "franken" together to make them more wearable for me, and some of the colors I’m going to repurchase as they are.

My swatch photos are not remotely good at all. I’m barely getting a handle on photographing sparkle, so the mattes really threw me for a loop. Imagine not having to chase the sun for reasonably good photos! I swatched only the neutrals I am fond of as well as a few of the bright colors so you can get a general idea of them. Please refer to the DEC Web site for much better swatch photos. As I usually so, I’ve bolded the shade names below that were my favorites and that I intend to purchase more of.

Colors Received, Swatched, and Photographed (right to left, top to bottom, in the order named below)


Some neutral DEC Spearl Mattes under natural light

Texture of some neutral DEC Spearl Mattes under natural light
• Cream
Pastel Yellow
• Pastel Peach
• Beige
• Pastel Pink
• Cranberry
• Milk Chocolate
• Dark Brown
• Taupe
• Dark Taupe (directly under Taupe and in its own row)


Some DEC bright Spearl Mattes under natural light
• Goldenrod
• Orange
• Fuchsia
• Peach
• Yellow

Would I Buy Again?
Some? Yes. On the whole? No, but just because they have the unfortunate happenstance of being mattes. It’s not their fault. Mattes deserve love, too, right?
Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Stars :-)
Disclaimer: I received these samples from the company owner for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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