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Review With Video Swatches: Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Company name: Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Web site: (JUST OPENED) 

The (Facebook) Web Site Itself: X of 5 Stars

I deleted the part of the Facebook Web site store review since Femme Fatale Cosmetics' (FFC) new on-line store just went live :-)  Please see the edit below.

EDIT 03/25/2012: Their new on-line store went live today! Woot! At first glance, it looks great. I don't have time to do a thorough review of it now though, but the layout is good; the product photos are good; and I like the font and, in general, how clean the site looks. For calculation of their final score in this review, I'll leave out the subscore for "The Web Site Itself" portion of review until I have a chance to actually interact with the new site. That way their result won’t be skewed.

Customer Service: 6 of 5 Stars!
Based on that, I almost didn’t try FFC, but curiosity urged me onward. I contacted them by posting on their FB wall, and they got right back to me. I was really impressed with their customer service. First, here’s the sale post I first responded to inquiring how to go about ordering from Australia and the currency exchange:
“Hey everyone . . . [Surprise] Sample Packs are a trio of eyeshadows at $2.50 (shipped free with our sample only order promo - note 2 packs per person) in random complimentary colours . . . Please note we have a $5 min purchase excluding shipping/insurance :)”

Here’s the rest of the post [condensed version] with my questions and their answers:

Femme Fatale: Hi Lisa. We have a maximum of 2 packs per person. I'll send you a quick email and we'll go from there.

Lisa: OK, I got your emails. I was ordering the 3 sets to try to meet your 5AUD minimum requirements. Let me go and try again . . .

Femme Fatale: Hi Lisa. Two sets will meet our $5 minimum :)

Lisa: Oh, OK. On my conversion calculator it came up to something like $5.89, etc, etc, etc! Can you just reinstate the old order but with the number of sample packs changed to 2? Or do I have to place it all over again :-(

Femme Fatale: The order has been cancelled and refunded in full [and it was], so yes it does have to be placed again unfortunately. I know on your end with the currency conversion it may look like it's less or more than $5 but as our pricing is in AUD it adds up on our end :)

Lisa: OK, as long as you are sure that 5 USD will do it . . .

Femme Fatale: Haha yes, it will be fine. The currency conversion may mean you pay less or more than $5 in your own currency (depending on the conversion rate) but since all the products are in AUD once your payment is converted to AUD it adds up on my end as the exact product + shipping amount displayed during checkout in AUD. So the two sample packs at $2.50 will come through as $5AUD on my end, although it may only look like $4.50 (for example) on your end because of the currency conversion rate.

Femme Fatale: Hope that makes sense, it can seem a bit confusing where currency conversion becomes involved. But basically since the store pricing is in AUD, as long as the cart subtotal is $5AUD or over then that's fine, even if you end up paying $4.50USD (for example).

Now, when was the last time you had a lengthy, real-time, social-network exchange with any cosmetic company, either indie or mainstream? They are setting a good example for other companies (of all types) to aspire to. 

Pricing: 5 of 5 Stars
Eyeshadow samples are $1.00 AUD each, and full-sized (FS) jars are $5.00 AUD each. They also carry Chroma Glow Blush and both empty 5- ($1.00 AUD) and 10-gram ($2.00 AUD) cosmetic jars as well as FFC stickers ($.15 AUD) to put on them.
EDIT 03/25/2012: Their sample price went up when the new store opened: Samples are now $1.10 each vs. $1.00. Still, not a bad deal at all considering that shipping of samples is free worldwide. I did not check the full-size prices and will get that on the next review (and there’s sure to be one).

TAT and Shipping: 5 of 5 Stars
Ordered: 02/21/12
Shipped: 02/24/12
TAT: 3 days
Shipping: FREE (although I chose to pay $1.00 for the optional insurance)
Actual shipping: $2.35AU
Shipping email: Yes
DC/tracking: No (foreign shipment)
Invoice: Yes
Packaging/presentation: Large mailing envelope
Sample packaging: The dreaded long zip-lock sample baggies enclosed in a slightly larger zip-lock baggie (3 samples per pack) [I would marry them if they converted to the shorter baggies!]
Extras: Yes (x 1) 

Product: 6 (!) of 5 Stars (LOL) 

Colors Ordered (shop description [my take in italics]) 

General note: I was totally stoked after the fact to find that most, if not all, of FFC’s colors are duochromes! Because I had ordered “surprise” sample packs, I could only state general shade preferences (i.e., pinks, neutrals, etc.). I didn’t read the color descriptions in the photo section at all. I’m really happy that they seem to specialize in duochromesduochrome aspect only shows up over PE or similar primer. As always, swatches are shown, left to right and top to bottom, on my hand in the same order as reviewed below. The swatch video was taken under natural lighting. Favorite colors are bolded below.

FFC swatches under natural light
Archangel: Translucent yellow-toned ivory with subtle violet duochrome shimmer I love, love, love this as a highlight shade (like I need another highlight shade, LOL; I wish I had a third eye). It’s a well-blended, smooth duochrome. It looks cream-colored in the baggie but has a definite, yet soft, violet shift. I WOULD CONSIDER REPURCHASING THIS SHADE :-)

Divinity: Pale pink with copper orange duochrome shine Yumminess in an eyeshadow, like gleamy bicolored sherbet that changes color depending on the slant of light. DEFINITELY A POSSIBLE REPURCHASE :-)

Enchanted: Deep rose red/pink with soft pink duochrome shine Three grand slams right out of the ballpark into the stratosphere! I think this is my favorite lid shade of the bunch. Archangel is definitely too light to wear on my lids, and Divinity can really go either way depending on mode of application (i.e., wet or dry). I WOULD CONSIDER GETTING MORE OF THIS SHADE! :-)

FFC swatches under incandescent light
• Flare: Intense lime yellow/green duochrome shine on a coral red base This color was so bright, I really couldn’t pull it off, even with putting it on the outer lids with a more wearable color on the inner lids. While the description says “coral red,” I think it should be “red coral” because the emphasis is really on the red. And I didn’t really see the lime yellow/green duochrome in this, perhaps because the bright red scared me off? GORGEOUS DUOCHROME IF YOU CAN PULL OFF REDS, BUT NOT A REPURCHASE FOR ME :-(

• Haunt: Bold red duochrome shine over a deep midtone purple base Again, this color was too bold for my liking and casual lifestyle, but I know there are some ladies out there who would love it (I’m looking at you, Amanda, LOL, from The Eyes Have It) UNFORTUNATELY NOT A REPURCHASE :-(

• Shooting Stars (extra): Soft wisteria violet tinged with pink and a striking blue duochrome Although I liked both Shooting Stars and Space Cow (have you ever seen those calendars with cows being beamed up into space crafts?), I preferred Shooting Stars because it leaned more pink than blue, and pink is generally a better color on me NOT SURE THIS IS SPECIAL ENOUGH TO REPURCHASE :-|

• Space Cow: Soft lavender tinged with grey with a muted reddish pink shimmer Please see text above. NOT A REPURCHASE :-(

Would I Buy Again?
Yes, and I’m already planning another order. They just introduced some new shades I want to check out.
Overall Rating: of 5.5 of 5 Stars! (Look for a new score after I have time to review the new store)
Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me, and all opinions are my own!

Aromaleigh 25% Off Store-Wide Today!

Just a short announcement from Aromaleigh's Facebook page: 

MIDNIGHT25 Take 25% OFF store-wide now through 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time TONIGHT! This coupon code expires in 11 hours for EST, 14 hours for PST. Please share this fantastic savings code via twitter, FB, blogs, forums, etc! We really appreciate your support. ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Cleaning a Metal Lash Comb

I long ago discovered the usefulness of a lash comb (as long as I don't poke myself in the eye with it, which I have done on occasion) in separating my lashes and banishing mascara clumps after I apply mascara. Despite claims to the contrary (mainly on Makeup Alley), I don't believe there is such a thing as a Holy Grail mascara. I think one can come close and sideswipe one, but as with all things in life, there's always something:  the mascara doesn't apply cleanly; it leaves clumps; it give you spider lashes; it dries out too fast; the list goes on and on.

To negate at least a couple of these problems, I started using a mascara comb. My first one had plastic "tines" and a brow brush on the other end. I found it unwieldy, so I switched to a Tweezerman Folding Ilash Comb. I bought two white ones at first, lost them both (d'uh), bought a clear one, lost that one (double d'uh), and am now using the Sonia Kashuk Lash Comb from Target, which is basically identical but comes in two versions: with and without a folding brow brush on the opposite end.
Tweezerman Ilash Comb
So, to the cleaning: Get an old toothbrush (or buy one for this purpose), wet it, soap it up a little bit, and run the dirty lash comb through the toothbrush bristles until all the mascara has transferred from the lash comb to the toothbrush. Soap the toothbrush up again to wash it, then rinse and let dry. Once it's clean and dry, and in between lash comb cleanings, I use the toothbrush to groom unruly brows. There you go!

On another note, I am behind on posting product reviews, and I apologize for that. Tax season is a bear for me. I don't file until April because I usually owe money, and this year I decided at the last minute that I need to find a CPA to do them for me because of certain life circumstances that have affected my taxes. I actually have a Femme Fatale review almost ready to go, and Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Spearl Matte Collection and Winnie the Pooh Collection waiting in the wings , so please bear with me!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

[ENDED] Wet 'n' Wild Giveaway at Cult of Taupe Blog!!!

How can you possibly NOT like a blog called "Cult of Taupe"? I have been an obsessive taupe eyeshadow collector in the past, and I do think that people who collect taupe eyeshadows are in a type of cult (although they don't knock on doors and try to convert you; taupe speaks for itself). I have known of many "taupierres" on Makeup Alley and have seen many, many photos of taupe eyeshadow porn :-)

Anyway, on to the contest. The winner will receive BOTH WnW collections "Flora" and Fauna"! How's that for quite a nice treat. You can enter here to enter.


The contest prizes purchased by the Cult of Taupe blogger herself!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Banish Those Bags!

This tip comes from Keisha (screen name kiki005us on Makeup Alley): "When you wash your face in the morning, hold the washcloth full of cold water to your under-eye area to decrease swelling and puffiness so your concealer goes on better. If I don't do this, it seems like the concealer I applied in the morning has creased where the swelling has gone down during the day. The cold-washcloth trick never fails to knock the swelling down quite a bit. Also, you can use a caffeine-containing eye cream afterward and very gently pat the under-eye area outward toward the temples to get that pooled up fluid out from under the eyes."

That sounds refreshing, Keisha. I don't get puffy, but I do get eyestrain from working on the computer, and this idea sounds delicious to me!

Than you, Keisha! Feel free to send me a beauty tip for publication any time you like!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tutorial: Newspaper Mani

I became friends with Nicole on Facebook after she won a prize in one of my giveaways, and when I saw her post of a cute mani she had done with newspaper, I just had to ask her to do a tutorial. She kindly agreed, and she got the photos and text to me in about 48 hours. How great is that? I swear, this girl should be a newspaper editor or journalist: She's quick, dependable, and informative! OK, here we go :-)

Newspaper Manicure

So this is my first time doing a guest post, but the lovely Lisa asked me to, and how could I say no? :-)

I know that this can be found all over, and I've read other tutorials on how to do newspaper mani, but for some reason they all made it seem difficult to do. I really wanted to try it, but I kept putting it off thinking it would be a pain in the butt to do . . . in truth, I think it's one of the easiest things to do and also pretty fun. I've gotten so many compliments on my nails the last few days, I almost don't want to take it off, LOL, but it has to change some time :) Here is the very simple “how to."

Step 1. First thing you have to do is to collect your supplies:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Newspaper cut into squares a litter bigger then the size of your nail 
  • Base color (light grey or, really, any light color) 
  • A small glass (or other container) to pour the alcohol in and that you can dip your entire fingernail in 
  • A cotton ball or two 
  • Top coat
Step 2. Start the process by applying your base color. I used two coats of China Glaze Pelican Gray. (Please excuse the wonky nails. I used my mom as a model for this tutorial, and she isn’t as anal about her nails as some of us are, LOL.)

Step 3. While you are waiting for your base color to dry, fill up your small glass with enough alcohol to submerge your entire nail.

Step 4. Once your nails are completely dry, dip your first nail into the alcohol for about 5 seconds.


Step 5. Once you remove your finger, have a newspaper square ready. Take the square and as you place it on the nail, press and roll (like you taking a fingerprint). Make sure not to move it as you roll; otherwise you will smudge the print.

As you remove paper, if it sticks to your polish (this happened to me), grab your cotton ball, dip it in the alcohol, and place on top of the paper. After a few seconds the paper should come free with no damage to the polish.

Step 6. Apply your top coat, and admire your new manicure! I added a top coat of Out the Door Northern Lights for some sparkle since you can never have enough sparkle :)

Well, I hope that you have fun trying this out. And thanks for reading !!!

Wasn't that fun? Thanks so much, Nicole, for doing this quick-and-easy mani tutorial for my blog. If you want to see/read more of Nicole, her blog is here.

Have you ever done a newspaper mani? If you'd like to send me some photos, I'd be happy to set up a "gallery" post :-) I'm at

Aromaleigh Eyeshadow Sale at Robyn's Nest!

Robyn, of Robyn's Nest,  is an acquaintance of mine since the good ol' days when the original Aromaleigh was still around. She's having an eyeshadow de-stash sale (all Aromaleigh), so you can snag some of the older discontinued colors here for a song :-) Myself, I bought the following colors from Robyn's sale: Infidel, Underworld, Suede, Passion, and Mulberry. You can also find Robyn's Nest on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Photo used with permission.

By the way, Robyn is gorgeous and does beautiful eye makeup. You should definitely follow her blog. She also has an etsy shop, Beau Marche (Vintage, Repurposed, Handmade), so pop on in sometime and have a look around.

Here's something I found in her shop that you might like. Wouldn't this make a sweet baby gift for someone who appreciates vintage home decor?

Photo used with permission.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Inexpensive Cosmetic Brushes

You can often find inexpensive substitutes for your expensive brushes at art- or craft-supply stores (Michaels and Joanns are the big ones in my town) Just take a few of your brushes along and compare them against what's in stock at the particular store. For example, you can get a thin, fine-tipped brush for gel eyeliner pretty easily and then bend it yourself to make a "bent eyeliner brush." Short-bristle, angled-tip brushes for brow lining are easy to find, too. Art- and craft-supply stores frequently carry the same lines (both synthetic and natural bristles), so there's not much point to looking around unless you have a coupon for a particular shop.

E. L. F. Essentials eyeshadow brush

E. L. F. (on-line and limited supply at Target), as well as Essence of Beauty (I have the filbert-shaped foundation brush [CVS, Amazon]) and EcoTools (I have the retractable kabuki brush [Ulta, Target, Walgreens]) also have good dupes. I'm still using two MAC 239 Eye Shader Brushes (about $16 each when I bought them [now $24.50!]) that are each at least six years old, but I have E. L. F. back-ups for when they crap out. I prefer the $1.00 short-handled, white-stemmed E. L. F. Essentials Eyeshadow Brush (photo above) for easier application (I apply my makeup while in a wheelchair, which leaves me limited arm and elbow room). I almost want to ditch my MAC to use thee E. L. F. brushes, but they 239's are still going strong, and I hate to commit "brushicide."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Shout-Out! to Kim From Paper Moth; The Peach; and Painted Nymph

I changed the title of this weekly feature from "Saturday Shout-Out!" to "Weekend Shout-Out!" so I don't have to keep amending it when I post on a Sunday or, worse, on a Monday, LOL. Unfortunately, none of the new followers I tried to contact through GFC responded, so I'll just have to say their names and dispense with the short bios. So, welcome to Kim, The Peach, and Painted Nymph!

Kim's blog is Paper Moth ( [I just followed]) She's freakishly adorable and at first glance appears to do wonderful swatches.

The Peach's blog is . . . well . . . Just Peachy (in more ways than one; I'm also a follower). She elegantly beautiful and does great swatches as well. Her blog is at:

The Painted Nymph's blog can be found at: She appreciates Dr. Suess (as I do, a fellow Swiss); did a fun Suessian eye recently, and is currently jammed about makeup contests!

If any of you ladies see this post and want to participate, just leave a comment and your email address on this blog post, OK?

Back to my taxes . . . wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(Belated) Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Pulling Off Colors That Aren't Quite "You"

Hi, everyone. I was working so hard yesterday that I didn't have time to post the Tuesday cosmetic tip, although I thought about it periodically throughout the day, LOL. Today's tip is about trying/wearing eyeshadow colors that don't usually suit your skin tone. If you're like me, there's a family of colors, or certain undertones, that don't make you look your absolute best or perhaps even downright terrible. For example, I can't wear most yellows and yellow golds and most blues. I also don't so well with cool-toned shadows. However, I have seen shades in these color families and tones, the swatches of which I've lusted over and sought out a way to try them, and even sport them, without running screaming from the mirror. Here's what I do to "wean" myself into wearing a previously unwearable-for-me color. It's worked for me with both previously abhorrent yellow and blues :-)

I apply a "good-for-me" (GFM) color that compliments the "awkward" color (AC) on the inner corner of my eyes, and then I apply the AC to the outer corner of my lids and blend. Sometimes I put another GFM color in the center if I'm really scared, LOL. Or I might put the AC in between two GFM colors. Voila! Not so grotesque as I had thought. Sometimes (although not always) I can actually bring myself to wearing the AC over my entire lid. That really expands my eyeshadow arsenal (when it works).

Here are some color combinations I've either tried or want to try:
  • Pink (inner) with blue (outer)
  • Pink (inner) with yellow (center) and peach (outer)
  • Cool-toned gold (inner) with blue (outer) and pink (center)
  • Peach (inner) with blue (outer) and pink (center)
  • Purple (inner) with yellow (outer)
  • Purple (inner) with blue (outer) and pink (center)

Here's the latest color combination I tried (all from the new DEC mattes collection):

Some colors from DEC's new Spearl Matte Collection

I suppose you could also try this with different colors or tones of lipstick (I think lip gloss would be too runny), too, but I haven't tried it yet :-)
This morning I got swatch photos of the Femme Fatale shadows that came in the mail a few days ago, so look for that review probably this weekend!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics logo: Isn't she cute?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

[ENDED] Virus Insanity Eyeshadow 4000-Follower Giveaway!

I had a new follower this week, but she didn't respond to my email, so I hope I've made up for the lack of Saturday Shout-Out! by posting a review of the new DEC Spearl Matte Collection as well as two ongoing contests: one at Confessions of a Glitterholic (Moi Minerals) and one at VIE (below).

When Virus Insanity Eyeshadow (VIE) gets to 4000 fans (they're at 3990 right now; only 10 more fans to go!), they're going to have a giveaway of five full-size eyeshadows, including duochromes! I myself would like to get my paws on some VIE. I haven't tried them yet. Just Peachy would definitely be one of the colors I would choose. Their Facebook page is here, and the contest post and directions are below. Just go to their FB page, become a fan, and look for the text of this post: 

"We are almost to 4,000 fans, do you know what that means??! It's almost time for another giveaway!!!!! For your chance to win either click "share" and share this post on your profile or make a post about VIE! Once we hit 4,000 fans I'll make a post announcing it and all you have to do is "like" that status to be included in the give away!! The winner will be chosen at random using as soon as we reach 4,000 likes. The prize is FIVE full sized eyeshadows of your choice, and yes this is including the duochrome colors!!!!"

Good luck!

VIE product photo. Used with permission from VIE!
 VIE is also currently having a sale as follows:


5 Eyeshadows: $20.00
5 Duochrome Eyeshadows:$30.00
5 Eyeshadow Samples: $8.00
5 Duochrome Eyeshadow Samples: $11.00
3 Anti-VirusLipglosses: $15.00


Eyeshadow: $5.00
Eyeshadow Sample: $2.00
Duochrome Eyeshadow: $6.50
Duochrome Eyeshadow Sample: $2.50
Anti-Virus Lipgloss: $6.00
Anti-Virus Lipgloss Sample: $2.00
Crazy Primer: $6.50 
Crazy Primer Sample: $2.50

Have you tried VIE yet? If so, what is your favorite shade and why?

[ENDED] Moi Minerals Giveaway on Confessions of a Glitterholic!

Confessions of a Glitterholic blog is having a Moi Minerals giveaway of full-size jars of Sterling and Cherry Peep High-Beam Eyeshadows. Go to this link and scroll way down to enter.

Good luck!

Dawn Eyes Spearl Mattes

What's a "spearl" matte? In short, it's a matte eyeshadow with generous amounts of silk powder and pearl powder (more details with the review to come). Here's a preview of the samples Dawn sent me for consideration. So far, I've worn Pale Pink on my outer lids, Pale Yellow on my inner lids, and Pale peach in the center. Yummilicious :-) Stay tuned for the review to come fairly soon.

DEC Spearl Matte samples

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dawn Eyes Spring 2012: Flora and Fauna LE Collection

Company name: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
Web site

A general note about this collection: IMHO, Dawn has outdone herself by creating her most gorgeous collection yet! All of the colors are spot-on as to the flora and fauna they represent; almost all of them are very bright; and all of them have contrasting and very visible sparkage. If you like brights and can get only one sample full set of Dawn’s eyeshadow, you must get this set, which is currently on sale for only $10.01! My photos are not nearly as beautiful as the shadows actually are, so refer to the photos on the DEC Web site if you’re planning on buying. All colors were swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. All swatches are in order, from left to right and top to bottom, of the descriptions below.

All the happy little samples!
Colors Received (my take in italics ; favorites are bolded)

• Azalea: Very hot pink that at the right angle has the slightest hint of orange; satin finish and scattered with glitter that changes from blue to violet to pink Gorgeous glittery color, but unfortunately not a rebuy for me, at least not for a full lid. However, I loved it combined with Bluebell on the outer lids (see below for details) HMMMM . . . MAYBE I SHOULD CONSIDER BUYING MORE OF THIS COLOR :-)

• Bluebell: Semi-metallic mid-day summer-sky blue with a flash of subtle violet I wore this on the outer corners of my lids with Azalea on the inner corners and got a lot of compliments.  I GOT ANOTHER SAMPLE WITH MY RECENT FULL-SIZE PURCHASE FOR COMBINING PURPOSES :-)

• Crocus: Bright royal purple head on, glittering with purple sparkle; change the angle to [see] a deep plum, glittering with gold . . . a flash of violet/pink glitter over medium dark purple satin To my eyes, this color was so close to Pansy in the sample baggie that I had a hard time telling them apart. On my eyes, however, I preferred Pansy for its myriad gold sparks! SORRY, BUT NOT A REBUY :-(

• Daffodil: Brilliant yellow gold satin, shimmering with gold and silver sparkle Yellow is not a color I can do a full lid with, but this was great on the inner corners of my lids with Azalea on the outer corners. I GOT AN EXTRA SAMPLE WITH MY RECENT FULL-SIZE PURCHASE FOR COMBINING PURPOSES :-)

Green Tulip: Sassy medium green loaded with color-shifting sparkle that runs from pink/violet to copper/gold with hints of blue; this shade look almost coppery from certain angles O. M. G. This is one of the most beautiful colors I have ever seen, although I don’t usually fall head over heels with greens. However, this shade has sparkage of so many other colors, it’s hard to say it’s “just a green.” I LIKED THIS COLOR SO MUCH I BOUGHT A FULL-SIZE JAR OF IT :-)!

• Leptotes Marina (butterfly): Satiny semi-metallic deep brown is rich, luxurious and very sparkly with blue/aqua/purple color-shifting glitter This color was pretty, but it wasn’t special enough to merit buying a FS jar of it. If it had had way more blue sparkage in it, I would have bought a FS jar. This was the only *slight* disappointment in the collection. NOT A REBUY :-(

• Lily of the Valley: Bright, pearly, and opaque white loaded with color-shifting sparkles that range from aqua/blue to pink/purple I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how beautiful it is, no matter the much shift and/or sparkage, I just don’t wear all-out white highlighters that well. I do much better with an off-white, cream, bone, or pale gold.  LOVELY, BUT NOT A REBUY FOR ME :-(

DEC Spring 2012 LE colors 1 through 7 (natural light)
 • Morpho Menelaus: Aqua blue has a purple shift and aqua/blue/purple–shifting glitter I SO can’t do deep blues, I almost didn’t give this color a try. However, I’m committed to not judging a color in the sample baggie, so on it went. I was right: I indeed can’t do dark blues . . . but maybe I could try it on my outer lids with something more wearable on the inner lids. HOWEVER, MOST LIKELY NOT A REBUY :-(

Pansy: Rich medium dark purple satin sporting beautiful green/gold and bright pink glitter in abundance I want to eat this color, it’s that yummy! There seemed to be a fairly strong purple shift on my eyes, which is what probably make it work for me. I LIKED THIS COLOR SO MUCH I BOUGHT A FULL-SIZE JAR OF IT :-)

• Peony: Bright peony pink loaded with green and aqua shimmer I didn’t get the green and aqua shimmer in this at all, plus it as too blue-toned for me. NOT A REBUY :-(

Poppy: Bright, brilliant, hot orange with a red heart and a golden glaze; dripping with color-shifting sparkles that range blue/aqua/violet and pink/gold For some reason I want to use the word “gargantuan” in describing this shade. It’s a “big” color, and it’s sooooooo bright, it literally looks “hot.” Plus it *is* hot, LOL. I BOUGHT A FULL-SIZE JAR OF THIS SHADE :-)

Redbud: Bright metallic beige with the barest hint of green, loaded with color-shifting sparkle of pink/violet to copper/gold IMHO, this is the most delectable color in the entire collection. I love Dawn’s lush metallic beiges:-)

• Rununculus: Medium orange/coral/copper color-changer loaded with sparkle that also changes color from aqua to purple to pink Despite the clear description, I was unrealistically hoping that this color would turn out to be more of a coral. It wasn’t, LOL. However, it’s a gorgeous orange, and I may try combining it with another color that’s more my speed. NOT A REPURCHASE :-(

Water Lily: Dusty medium green lies under a fine pale pink patina, very pearly and sometimes tinged with violet; bright glitter with a range of color from blue to aqua to violet, aqua the most prominent Truly a “water-color” shade, but not shy and retiring at all, this made me think of the water-lily display at Longwood Gardens (scroll almost all the way down the page for a photo). This color was a last-minute “add” to my cart when I bought full sizes of the colors noted above. It didn’t scream my name, but it did insistently whisper to me. I BOUGHT A FULL-SIZE JAR :-)

DEC Spring 2012 LE colors 8 through 14 (natural light)
 Would I Buy Again?
I already have (full-size jars for some of the colors), and now that I’ve written this review, I may have to pick up a few extra samples of some of the remaining shades, LOL.
Disclaimer: Samples of this collection were sent to my by the company owner for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.