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DEC Winnie the Pooh Collection

Company name: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
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I have a review for you of the Winnie the Pooh Collection by Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. Honestly, when I received these samples as a total surprise from Dawn, my first thought was, “Ugh. too many yellows and grays/grayish browns,” which are not good colors on me. 

But, true to my oath, I dutifully tried them all and was truly surprised that I really liked many of them and am planning to pick up some full sizes during her current sale. Here we go! This collection speaks softly but carries a big stick!

Colors Received
(my take in italics): All in swatches alphabetical order, from right to left and top to bottom, in the photos and video. All swatches done over E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. My favorites are bolded as usual! 

WtP Collection under natural light (you can really see the duochrome in Christopher Robin here!)
 • Christopher Robin: Peach-and-blue duochrome sporting lots of golden glitter I love, love, love this shade. This duochrome is very gentle and doesn’t result in that “snakeskin” look that so many brown- or blue-based/reddish duochromes end up looking like on my lids. I was a little scared to try it, but it looked gorgeous. I’M DEFINITELY GETTING A FS JAR OF THIS COLOR!

• Eeyore: Medium grey matte base with a glowing pink overtone and sparkling blue glitter I didn’t see the pink overtone or blue glitter in this color; it showed up mostly satin matte-ish grey on me. It turned out better in the photos though; very sparkly. I WON’T BE PURCHASING THIS SHADE.

• Kanga and Roo: Taupe brown with blue overtone and loaded with pink glitter I felt just “meh” about this shade. To me it wasn’t overloaded with pink glitter at all. I couldn’t even capture it in the photos or videos It’s a pretty taupe-ish color if you need one, but I don’t. L I WON’T BE PURCHASING THIS COLOR.

WtP Collection under incandescent light
 • Owl: Shimmering metallic copper tan drenched in copper and golden glitter Now we’re talking, Dawnie! Warm golden tan color; texture like a plushie toy; and gleaming shimmer like there’s no tomorrow. This could become a staple neutral for me. I WILL DEFINITELY BE GETTING A FS OF THIS SHADE!

• Piglet: Matte beige base with strong fuchsia sheen and sparkling with purple gleams This color barely showed up on my pale skin tone, and I could hardly see the fuchsia sheen and purple gleams at all. I’d like to see a dark-skinned beauty do an EOTD with this color so I could see what it is supposed to look like (I’m looking at you, Dinah “Raekwon” Hall!). UNFORTUNATELY, NOT A PURCHASE

• Pooh: Low-sheen gold with a red-shift overtone and bright copper glitter in two tones This shade didn’t wow me either, mainly because I can’t do reds at all (I never even wear that much red because it brings out the natural ruddiness I have in my face, which, of course, I always try to cover up). It also came out looking like Goldenrod Spearl Matte in the photos, but in real life it’s not quite that dark. Also, you can see the red shift slightly better in the video below. NOT A PURCHASE FOR ME

Better view of Eeyore glitters
Rabbit: Pale yellow with a pink overlay and brilliant golden glitter This color is right up my alley! The yellow is pale and sheer enough to pass as a cream on me, which I prefer as a highlighter because white-based highlighters are to stark on my skin. The pink overlay makes it a sweet duochrome, and tiny gold glitters never hurt anyone as far as I know, LOL! DEFINITELY A FS PURCHASE!

Rabbit glitters!
Tigger: Shimmery cream base with an orange overlay and bright copper sparks Oh, yeah, baby! Another sweet shade in the same family of Rabbit (to me eyes anyway) but more of a lid color than a brow bone highlight. DEFINITELY A FS PURCHASE!

Tigger glitters!

I'll close with a video swatchfest! Enjoy :-)

Would I Buy Again?
Yep, and I will do so in just a few days! As promised, Silk Naturals will be reviewed next.

Disclaimer: These sample were sent to me by the company owner, of her own free adult will, for promotional purposes!

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  1. As I said before I like your take on the colours, great post!