Monday, April 23, 2012

My Readers (Some of Them) Have Spoken!

Wisdom for a lifetime!

Hi everyone :-) Last week I had my first poll on the blog about what company you wanted me to test and review next. The winner was Silk Naturals (probably the closest to a dream store I've ever shopped at), so I'll get right to that. Tied were the following: Barry M., Black Rose, Brazen, My Pretty Zombie, Riche (currently closed; I believe she had a baby recently), and Lovelee Soaps (YOU TOTALLY HAVE TO LOOK AT THESE SOAPS EVEN IF IT'S JUST FOR FUN!). Since I haven't done a bath and body review yet, I will probably do Lovelee Soaps after Silk Naturals. The rest will come in no particular order.

However, first you will have to read yet another Dawn Eyes review (and who the heck wouldn't want to do that?) for the Winnie the Pooh collection. I got the samples a while ago; the swatch photos have been taken and cropped; and the colors have been tested; all I have to do is write my "take" on the shadows. By the way, Dawn is planning another sale starting on Wednesday!

So stay tuned, dear readers, for DEC Winnie the Pooh, random favorite Silk Naturals colors (which make up a vast part of my nuetrals collection), and Lovelee Soaps! Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll and gave me some direction :-)

I leave you with a couple of photos of my "catalabras" (battery-operated candles, so no worries)!

Blanca, a rescue cat, lighting up her "kitty cup"
Buster, my elderly (17 yo!) cat napping on the couch


  1. I look forward to your detailed opinions on the Dawn Eyes Winnie the Pooh range, I like your reviews as they are honest and well organised. Silk Naturals is a great company to review, lots of lovely colours to choose from... x

  2. Thank you for the nice compliment :-) Winnie the Pooh will be up next. I just have to test one more color (Owl).