Saturday, February 15, 2014

And Now for Some Aromaleigh Goodness: Ignitus Antiquita

Just to make it up to you for my unexplained absence, here's a "mini-post" on two colors from Aromaleigh's newest eyeshadow collection, Ignitus Antiquita (Latin for Ancient Fire). This collection was inspired by strong and fierce women forgotten by history (if it had been "herstory," it would have been different!). The first two colors I am featuring here are Boudicca (AD 60 or 61 Celtic warrior) and Tomoe (12th-century samurai warrior). I won six full-size eyeshadows from Aromaleigh for participating in FanCrank (I was the top fan for January 2014), and these colors are two of the six I chose for my prize.

Left =  Boudicca; left = Tomoe.

Noella Frankens

Oh, dear Lord; I can't believe it's been slightly more than a month since I've posted a review. I'm so sorry to have disappeared on you like that. We had some power outages due to the extreme snow and ice in Pennsylvania, which meant I had to scramble to make up lost work time. Then a family member had a health crisis, which meant I had a lot of care-taking and household running to do. It all just grabbed me with pointy fangs and wouldn't let go. I'm starting to come down from the "anxiety tree" now and feel like my
head is clear enough to write now, so here goes.

Left = Dark Chocolate + Honey Taupe, + Maple Cream; right = Sugared Plum + Rose Gold
In my last post, about Noella Beauty, I mentioned that I made two "frankens" from combining colors that were either too light or too dark for me, and I thought you might like to see them. Since I already reviewed the product in my last review, I'll dispense from reviewing again here except to say that I really like the colors I created. They both came out very "glowy." Hope you enjoy the photos!
Left = Dark Chocolate + Honey Taupe, + Maple Cream; right = Sugared Plum + Rose Gold