Saturday, March 24, 2012

[ENDED] Wet 'n' Wild Giveaway at Cult of Taupe Blog!!!

How can you possibly NOT like a blog called "Cult of Taupe"? I have been an obsessive taupe eyeshadow collector in the past, and I do think that people who collect taupe eyeshadows are in a type of cult (although they don't knock on doors and try to convert you; taupe speaks for itself). I have known of many "taupierres" on Makeup Alley and have seen many, many photos of taupe eyeshadow porn :-)

Anyway, on to the contest. The winner will receive BOTH WnW collections "Flora" and Fauna"! How's that for quite a nice treat. You can enter here to enter.


The contest prizes purchased by the Cult of Taupe blogger herself!

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