Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Banish Those Bags!

This tip comes from Keisha (screen name kiki005us on Makeup Alley): "When you wash your face in the morning, hold the washcloth full of cold water to your under-eye area to decrease swelling and puffiness so your concealer goes on better. If I don't do this, it seems like the concealer I applied in the morning has creased where the swelling has gone down during the day. The cold-washcloth trick never fails to knock the swelling down quite a bit. Also, you can use a caffeine-containing eye cream afterward and very gently pat the under-eye area outward toward the temples to get that pooled up fluid out from under the eyes."

That sounds refreshing, Keisha. I don't get puffy, but I do get eyestrain from working on the computer, and this idea sounds delicious to me!

Than you, Keisha! Feel free to send me a beauty tip for publication any time you like!

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