Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(Belated) Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Pulling Off Colors That Aren't Quite "You"

Hi, everyone. I was working so hard yesterday that I didn't have time to post the Tuesday cosmetic tip, although I thought about it periodically throughout the day, LOL. Today's tip is about trying/wearing eyeshadow colors that don't usually suit your skin tone. If you're like me, there's a family of colors, or certain undertones, that don't make you look your absolute best or perhaps even downright terrible. For example, I can't wear most yellows and yellow golds and most blues. I also don't so well with cool-toned shadows. However, I have seen shades in these color families and tones, the swatches of which I've lusted over and sought out a way to try them, and even sport them, without running screaming from the mirror. Here's what I do to "wean" myself into wearing a previously unwearable-for-me color. It's worked for me with both previously abhorrent yellow and blues :-)

I apply a "good-for-me" (GFM) color that compliments the "awkward" color (AC) on the inner corner of my eyes, and then I apply the AC to the outer corner of my lids and blend. Sometimes I put another GFM color in the center if I'm really scared, LOL. Or I might put the AC in between two GFM colors. Voila! Not so grotesque as I had thought. Sometimes (although not always) I can actually bring myself to wearing the AC over my entire lid. That really expands my eyeshadow arsenal (when it works).

Here are some color combinations I've either tried or want to try:
  • Pink (inner) with blue (outer)
  • Pink (inner) with yellow (center) and peach (outer)
  • Cool-toned gold (inner) with blue (outer) and pink (center)
  • Peach (inner) with blue (outer) and pink (center)
  • Purple (inner) with yellow (outer)
  • Purple (inner) with blue (outer) and pink (center)

Here's the latest color combination I tried (all from the new DEC mattes collection):

Some colors from DEC's new Spearl Matte Collection

I suppose you could also try this with different colors or tones of lipstick (I think lip gloss would be too runny), too, but I haven't tried it yet :-)
This morning I got swatch photos of the Femme Fatale shadows that came in the mail a few days ago, so look for that review probably this weekend!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics logo: Isn't she cute?

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Can't wait to see the new FFC shadows!