Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cosmetic Tip Tuesday: Inexpensive Cosmetic Brushes

You can often find inexpensive substitutes for your expensive brushes at art- or craft-supply stores (Michaels and Joanns are the big ones in my town) Just take a few of your brushes along and compare them against what's in stock at the particular store. For example, you can get a thin, fine-tipped brush for gel eyeliner pretty easily and then bend it yourself to make a "bent eyeliner brush." Short-bristle, angled-tip brushes for brow lining are easy to find, too. Art- and craft-supply stores frequently carry the same lines (both synthetic and natural bristles), so there's not much point to looking around unless you have a coupon for a particular shop.

E. L. F. Essentials eyeshadow brush

E. L. F. (on-line and limited supply at Target), as well as Essence of Beauty (I have the filbert-shaped foundation brush [CVS, Amazon]) and EcoTools (I have the retractable kabuki brush [Ulta, Target, Walgreens]) also have good dupes. I'm still using two MAC 239 Eye Shader Brushes (about $16 each when I bought them [now $24.50!]) that are each at least six years old, but I have E. L. F. back-ups for when they crap out. I prefer the $1.00 short-handled, white-stemmed E. L. F. Essentials Eyeshadow Brush (photo above) for easier application (I apply my makeup while in a wheelchair, which leaves me limited arm and elbow room). I almost want to ditch my MAC to use thee E. L. F. brushes, but they 239's are still going strong, and I hate to commit "brushicide."


  1. Great tip! Whats funny is that I just browsed the brush isle at Michaels the other day for this purpose. But I didn't end up picking any up.

  2. Hi Peachy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Were you looking for any particular type (i.e., specific function)of brush?

  3. I keep meaning to do this, but I honestly love my pink handled brushes, lol. I think as they start to die, I'll pick up my new brushes at the craft store!

  4. Just an FYI, I saw some ELF brushes at Dollar Tree yesterday.

    I've often wondered about picking up some brushes at the craft store. I'll have to try this since I am eternally on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner brush. :)

    1. LOL, that's ironic since they cost only $1.00 at E. L. F. to begin with :-) Make sense they'd end up at a dollar store.

      Eyeliner brushes are among the easiest to find at the type of store I mentioned. And because they usually have a great return policy, you can't go wrong. Just save your receipt and note the "return by" date or length of time!

      Thanks for supporting my blog by commenting. I like to interact with my followers :-)