Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Shout-Out! to Hottie Mc., Holly B., and Shelby G.

My blog had three new followers this week whom I could get hold of, and here are their answers to my getting-to-know-you questions: (1) name three words that describe you best; (2) name three foods you like best; and (3) name your three "desert-island" cosmetic items. 

First up is the saucy Hottie McNaughty (her Facebook page is here, and her blog is here). Hottie describes herself as sparkly, determined, and . . . ummm . . .  sparkly! Can you tell she likes the shiny stuff? Just like a magpie, LOL [at least that's better than a goat who likes shiny tin cans, LOL]!

Hottie likes popcorn . . . all flavors and types. She just can't seem to get enough. Coffee is a lifestyle for her :-) Baked goods are her serious weakness, particularly home-baked bread (step away from the challah, Hottie!) 

If she were stranded on a desert island, three items that Hottie couldn't do without are Aquaphor ointment for her lips because she can't live without lip balm, plus it's good for lots of other stuff, too.  She would need Skin Actives sunscreen because, as her husband puts it, she gets burned by self-tanner, LOL. Her third item would be Marie LeVeau perfume oil from Conjure Oils (I assume because it's damn secksy).

Hottie's a "hotty"  even sans costumes!
Next up is Holly B: Holly says she is kooky, creative, and obsessive :-) Her favorite three foods are sushi, carbs (any carbs, LOL), and dill pickle sunflower seeds (literally; "they're delicious," she says). Holly's desert-island look would be green/silver eyeshadow, black liquid-line pencil eye liner, and yummy lip balm :) She normally goes all out and does fun looks during the day, but if she's a pinch or just doesn't feel up to it, that's her go-to routine. Stop by Holly's blog, the Frilly Panda, and say "howdy," and can check out her Facebook page here.

Last, but not least, is my pal, Shelby G. of (Not) Making It Up. Shelby describes herself as silly (and not because she tries to be. She has some serious "clueless" moments (she just aged herself!), talkative, and laid-back.  Well, she tries to be laid-back. Sometimes Moose (her preschooler) doesn't let her be as laid-back as she wants to be, LOL!

Sheby had no problem naming her three favorite food: sesame chicken, popcorn with a smidge of garlic salt (mmmmm, sounds good, huh?), and sushi. Well, sushi as long as there's no roe or octopus in it. "Blech!" she says.

Shelby's desert-island cosmetics would definitely be sunscreen (although she knows it's not technically a cosmetic), lip sugar scrub from Simply Sweet Skin, and Blinc mascara because it's the best she's ever used. After all, she's gotta look good for any mermen or pirates that come by, right? If the sunscreen doesn't count . . . she'd choose a bottle of OPI "Not Like The Movies" to make sure she has pretty nails [boy, that sure is a mermaid-y color]!
Is Shelby sprightly or what?


  1. Thanks for the shout out! This is a pretty cool way to 'meet' other people, love it!