Sunday, February 19, 2012

(Belated) Saturday Shout Out! to Deb (a.k.a. Zillah)

I had a few new followers this week but wasn't able to reach them. I try to connect with them through Google Friend Connect, but when I "sign in," it takes me right back to the page that asks me to sign in or cancel, LOL. If the person has a blog, usually I can get them there, but not all of my followers have blogs, so . . . I'm going to shout out to my longer-term followers so you can get to know others in the beauty and scent blogosphere :-)

This weekend's shout-out is to Deb, a.k.a. Zillah, the author behind Midnight Poesy, a scent blog. I personally love her writing style, so pop by and check out her blog!

As to her answers to my three getting-to-know-you questions ([1] name 3 words that describe you best; [2] name 3 foods you like best; and [3] name your 3 "desert-island" cosmetic items), here they are:

Deb describes herself as sarcastic, imaginative, and. laid-back. Her favorite foods are "Does Pepsi count as a food?"; Italian (especially lasagna) and Chinese; and just about anything you can make with a potato (I'm Irish, what can I say?) Her three desert-island cosmetics would be moisturiser (something with sunscreen since I'll be on a desert island), foundation (Aromaleigh 2.0 Dewdrop 1WL mixed 60/40 with 00), and lip balm, lots and lots of lip balm, like, a 500 pack of Eos lemon flavour.

I decided to add a fourth question for scent bloggers: "What are your favorite three scents that you've reviewed in the past year?" Here is Deb's answer:

House of Gloi Sanctum (mmmmmm...melon); Black Baccara Mummy (about as close to perfection as a perfume can get); and Solstice Scents Witches Cottage (everything wonderful about autumn in a bottle).

Concise, isn't she? And I wonder where that British spelling comes from? Zillah, I thought I knew you . . .

EDIT 2/19/12: I figured out how to sign in to GFC and shot off messages to my newest followers, so hopefully I'll be posting their answers next week :-)


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  1. I was raised on pretentious children's books - almost everything I had as a kid to read (when I was old enough to read for myself) was old and English - the Lang fairy books, Alice in Wonderland, Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, etc. By the time I got to spelling classes in school it was too late for me. Save yourselves, kids!