Saturday, February 4, 2012

Insane Price Reductions at Aromaleigh v. 2!

Sorry, I don't mean to insult anyone, but if you don't have a fair amount of cult-loved old-Aromaleigh's eyeshadows, or if you don't have any at all, I might have to declare you officially insane if you don't buy them at these prices, LOL: as low as four full-sized eyeshadows for only $10.00!

Old collections (i.e., Aromaleigh v.1) include the following: Wonderstruck, Spells!, Mythos, Valentine 2011, En Pointe, Les Papillons, Satin Petals, Eye Plush, Cosmetic Glitter (i.e., Sonic Rocks! Glitter) , and Pure Eyes Matte.

Aromaleigh En Pointe Collection

 New collections (i.e., Aromaleigh v.2) include the following: Fall Tapestry, Starry Night, and Holly Days.

Aromaleigh Starry Night Collection

Colors in some collections are limited, so act fast if there's something you're looking for. Please give one or two alternates for each color ordered do your package isn't delayed with subsequent negotiations. Although I have almost every eyeshadow Aromaleigh ever made that looks good on me, I'm still tempted by these prices!

The sale also includes Pure Cover Concealer, Elemental Lustre Cheek Glisten, Coquille Illuminating Corrective Finishing Powders, and Voile Mineral Foundation.

Here's the link to shop your heart out: :-)

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