Sunday, May 13, 2012

WnW Nail Pail, Purple Mesh Earrings, and My Mom's Nail Humor

WnW Nail Pail posing with kitchen orchids :-)
Whew, I'm beat. I took on some work from a colleague who needed some help, and although it's interesting work because it's different from my regular medical and environmental editing, it's a lot of small chapters to look over. I've reviewed more than 600 pages in the past few days, and I have 110 pages left to check tomorrow.

It's a book of personal correspondence between a judge who sat on the Supreme Court from 1924 to 1961 and includes his letters to and from such famous people as presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower, as well as Oliver Wendell Holms, Walter Lippmann, and publisher Alfred A. Knopf , and discussing such things as the Sacco and Venzetti trial and the "New "Deal" engineered by FDR. Pretty cool stuff, even though I am in no way a history or legal buff. The use of the English language by the judges and dignitaries at that time was so wickedly good that it makes us, in the 2000s, look like dunderheads. Kind of like when you see "Sense and Sensibility" and come away from the movie and want to wield your English as beautifully and properly as the actors did :-) Le sigh. However, I did get a kick by the somewhat liberal use of "ain't" by this and other Supreme Court judges!

WnW Nail Pail
I recently joined Yardsellr, which is like on on-line yard sale.I still haven't figured out some of the nuances yet, but I have managed to buy two pairs of earrings (and some loose beading beads) that were nearly free, one of which are these long, dangly purple wire mesh earrings. I think they are funky and cute! But just like any yard sale, mostly everything is junk that no one wants. You have to hunt for the "treasures," which is part of the fun! Have you bought anything from Yardsellr yet?

On the blog horizon: the promised SN review (it's been too gloomy here to take pics), Avon's Glow eyeliner in  Desert Gold, the Physicians Formula eyeliner set I bought the other day (I like it a lot), and probably something else I'm forgetting.

I'm just so busy putting out fires that I haven't had time to post, so I'll leave you with some funny photos of my 75-year-old mom trying to "model" her "nail" (yes, I've got her doing it now, too). We almost both peed ourselves laughing when we took these photos. Hope you laugh as much as we did doing this!

My mom chose the WnW yellow polish
  The Wicked Witch of the West school of nail modeling

 The Cirque du Soleil school of nail modeling


  1. I kinda like that yellow polish on your mom's nail! I think that the whole 'pail of nail' is a cool marketing gimmick funny, but not as funny as your description of the modelling session! ROTFL!! Hope you had a nice mother's day. :) x

  2. I'm glad it gave you a laugh sweetie. I was chuckling as I was writing the captions :-) I still have to email the finished post to my mom so she can see it. Thanks for commenting. I wish more of my readers would do it. It can be very lonely writing a blog. Do you get many comments?