Friday, May 4, 2012

Because I *Am* That Weird

I am not a nail polish girl at all in any way, shape or form. I can appreciate a beautiful and/or clever mani on someone else, but doing one for myself is a time-consuming for what I consider little personal payoff. So . . . drum roll of weirdness please . . . when I'm in the mood, I just do "My Nail." Yep, that's right. I mani just one perfect nail because I don't have the time, patience, or lack of perfectionism to do a whole handful of nails only to have them chip one day or even a few hours later. To me, it's like wearing a piece of jewelry.

And, yes, I do use a good base coat and top coat, but the danged things still chip like a mofo. In my dreams, my nails would look like Scrangie's nails or like Short and Sweet's nails: Fairly short, shapely, and properly, even glowingly, lacquered. But such is the stuff of dreams, so I console myself with My Nail. My favorite ever nail was done with a blood red shimmery polish (Zoya Ivy) and had one small crystal applied to it. I told people it would be my wedding nail if I ever got married. I've even discussed with a friend the benefits of a cupcake nail so I could snack discretely when I wanted to, LOL :-)

Like this but with REAL cake and frosting [not my nails obviously]!
I was playing around with a crackle polish (Sally Hansen White Crackle Overcoat) the other day, and was having so much fun I did three nails (oh, the folly!). They lasted for a couple of days (I figured out that crackle polish is very forgiving: chips don't show that easily and for that reason I may use it way past its fashion). For the base colors, I used Essie Turquoise and Caicos, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Mauve It (third row down, fifth swatch over in color chart), and Zoya Ivy with the SH White Crackle Overcoat.

This is my "special three-finger" nail weirdness: 

This is my usual every day nail weirdness:

OK, commence laughing :-)


  1. What an honest and down to earth post, I like that! I am guilty of nail neglect, but I do make time to do all 10! :) x

  2. Well, you're a better (and more patient) cosmetic fiend than I am, dear BBFF :-) I'll gladly give over my time to groom my nails and cuticles, but not the nail painting! (And thanks for the nice compliment. I try to fly my freak flag proudly and openly.)

  3. LOL! I think that my ability to paint my nails is a sign that I had a misspent youth! Too busy painting my nails instead of studying! :)x

    1. May that be the worst thing you've ever done, my friend :-)