Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mega-Belated Weekend Shout-Out to Gabriela N.-S. and Others!

Talk to the hand. Gabriela's hand, I mean, LOL. Gaby was kind enough to send me a photo of her results from trying the newspaper mani I published recently, so I made her an honorary Fleur.
I like the "old-timey" look of this mani
She has also become a new follower and dutifully answered my "getting-to-know-you" questions (i.e., [1] Describe yourself in three words and why, [2] What three foods do you like best and why? and [3] What would be your three "desert-island" cosmetics and why, i.e., if you were stranded on a desert island, which three cosmetics (brand and type/name please) would you most want to have with you and why)? Here are her answers:

1. Hilarious. Audiences agree. Sarcastic (see "hilarious"). Tough. I am a 33-year-old widow. I lost my soul mate and husband of 13 years recently. I can't explain how or why, but I'm still standing.

2. Any and all fruit. Specifically pomegranates. I'll put on a pair of gloves and peel/shell (?) a few at a time into a large bowl. I then add a dash of salt and lime juice and eat it with a spoon. The combination of tangy/salty/sweet always makes my mouth water. I've done it this way since I was a kid. Delayed gratification makes it all the more delicious. My mom's handmade tortillas. Corn and flour. The corn tortillas I love to eat with queso fresco, which she makes herself. The flour tortillas I bathe in butter and roll them into burritos. I've always eaten them standing at the stove with her as she cooks them. It's comfort food. My mom's posole. She only makes it around the holidays, but whenever my husband and I visited her in CA from AZ she always made some for him because it was his favorite also.

Pomegranate: the glamour girl of the fruit world!

3. I could manage going without makeup. But I would NEVER go without nail polish. On a desert island, no one is going to see my face, but I can always admire my own pretty tips and toes. So I'd only take polish. With a collection of over 500 bottles, I couldn't choose only 3. But if I had to, I could narrow it down to my 3 favorite finishes: holographic (Glitter Gal) , duo/multichrome (Sally Hansen Nail Prisms), and flakies (Finger Paints [I couldn't find a link to this finish, so I'm sending you to Scrangie's blog!]).

Gabriela, I would be tempted to throw some tequila into the pomegranate-lime-salt mixture, LOL. Also, I'm just getting into nail polish (although I don't do a full mani), so I appreciate knowing about those brands and finishes you mentioned!

The following people joined my blog since the last shout-out: mynewestaddiction, lacquerloon, and Makeup Zombie. Hey all <waves madly>!

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