Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Massive On-Going Clearance Sale at Dawn Eyes Cosmetics!

Hi everyone! Dawn Eye Cosmetics is having a massive clearance sale (to make room for new colors) until Midnight on June 6, 2012 (at least for the following listed shades; more colors will be released and will have an extended sale term). Prices are on full-size jars only: $2.75 per jar. I assume that her regular shipping prices apply. Here's massive list no. 1 (alphabetized for ease of searching colors), and the sale link is HERE:

Almost Concrete Jungle
Almost Dark
Almost Hot Pink
Almost Neon Pink
American Bluebird
Aquableu II (which was never actually released by accident, but is a sparkly version of Aquableu)
Ass Kickin’ Copper
Baby Doll Pink
Baja Sunrise
Basic Green Shimmer
Basic Pale Copper
Basic Soft Bronze
Blue Grey Pearl
Blue Raspberry
Blue Sundae
Bright Blue
Bright Pink Sparkle
Brilliant Burnt Orange
Bubble Gum
Bubbling Spring
Chocolate Diamond
Close to Coral
Concord Grape
Copper Beige
Copper Crystal
Coral Conspiracy
Dark Brown Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Dark Brown Matte (NOT a Spearl Shade!)
Day Lily
Deep Pink Sparkle
Dew Drops
Diamond Sky
Dusk Takes Over
Dusty Roses
Electric Lavender
Emeralds & Sapphires
Evening Clouds
Evening Falls
Evening Glow
Faerie Dance
Feed Me Seymor
Flame Dance
Flaming Fancy
Football in KC
Football in Pittsburgh
Forget Me Not
Fresh Earth
Frosted Evergreen
Georgia Peach
Girly Girl
Gleaming Chrome
Glistening Pine
Glittering Aquamarine
Glittering Grey Fire
Glittering Hibiscus
Glorious Green
Glowing Green
Gold Encrusted Amethyst
Golden Bone
Golden Fleece
Golden Jade
Golden Peacock
Golden Peacock Blue
Golden Peacock Green
Golden Sparkle Pink
Green Silk
Grey Fire
Hey Barkeep!
Hidden Moonlight
Holographic Black
Holographic Lavender
Holographic Pale Lilac
How Sweet the Sound
Intense Metallic Blue
Ivy & Ivory
Jacket Blue
Jeweled Pewter
Just Silver
KC Red
KC Red
Khaki with Kick
King’s Robe
Kiss Kiss
Kiss Me
Lady Sings the Blues
Lady Sings the Blues Holographic
Late Fall
Lavender Daydream
Lavender Paradise
Lemon Ice
Lemon Sparkle
Light Green & Gold
Lively Lavender
Magnificent Magenta
Mardi Gras
Matte Peach (NOT a Spearl shade!)
Medium Copper Sparkle
Medium Dark Brown Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Medium Grey Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Metallic Lavender Sparkle
Metallic Teal
Midnight Kiss
Miss K II
Moonlight Serenade
Morning Forest
Morning Glory
Mystic Dawn
Navel Orange
Night Sky Gold
Noble Metal
Not Your Everyday Blue
Olive and Pimento
Olive Sands
Orange Julius
Orange Sherbet
Pale Grey Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Pale Lavender Shimmer
Pale Lilac
Pale Mauve w/ Green Shimmer
Peach Bubbly
Peach Bubbly
Peach Zinger
Peacock Teal
Peacock Teal II
Perfect Pink
Petal Pink
Pine Plus
Pink Parfait
Pink Pearls
Pink Shimmer
Pink Sparkle Metallic Champagne
Pink Sparkling Beige
Pirate Tears
Pittsburgh Blue
Pittsburgh Red
Pittsburgh White
Plain Brown Matte (NOT a Spearl color!)
Plain Burnt Orange
Plain light Brown
Plain Pale Soft Rose
Plain Palest Soft Rose
Plain Soft Rose
Playoff White
Playoff Yellow
Pleasantly Pink
Plum Sparkle
Pretty Blue Stone
Pretty Pale Blue
Purple & Gold Sparkle Copper
Purple Forest
Purple Passion
Purple Peeps
Purple Sparkle Silver
Rainy Day Purple
Rebel Purple
Red Sparkle Pink
Rich Plum Wine
Rose Gold
Rubies on the Beach
Sands of Time
Shimmering Pale Pink
Shock Value
Silver Borealis
Silver Prism
Silver Shimmer Grey
Smoked Teal
Soft Green Gold Shimmer
Soft Lavender
Soft N Sweet
Soft White Beach
Sparkling Beige Pearl
Sparkling Golden Jade
Sparkling Golden Purple
Sparkling Grape
Sparkling Jade
Sparkling Pink
Sparkling Purple Gold
Sparkling Purple Grey
Sparkling Tea Roses
Spray Paint Landscape
Spring Buds
St. Patrick’s Day
Sterling Character
Sultry Blue
Summer Blue Sky
Summer Wheat
Sun Kissed Seafoam
Sunlit Coral
Sunny Side Up
Super Sparkle Pink
Take Me with You
Take Your Teal
Tea Time Rose
Third Day Purple
Traveling Pink
Twinkling Deep Brown
Twinkling Teal
Ugly Gold
Ultimate Purple
Verdant Brown
Verdant Dark Brown
Very Hot Pink
White Gold
Who the “H” Knows?
Wild Strawberry
Wild White
Wine by the Sea
Year Old Penny
Yellow Green Shimmer

I''ll list the new colors as soon as I get them from Dawn. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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