Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Femme Fatale Nail Polish Contest :-)

Some of FF's latest colors (they applied a filter here, so colors are slightly less saturated in real life)
Hi everyone,

This quick post is to let you know that Femme Fatale, an Aussie company that makes unbelievably good duochrome eyeshadows (you can see my review with video swatches here), is having a great contest to celebrate their second year of being in business. The contest is over on October 2, 2013, and there will be six unique winners of six unique nail polish sets (four colors in each set) as follows. You can enter the giveaway here.
Six unique nail polish sets for 6 unique winners!
Prize pack no. 1: Happy Hands, Shades of Phoenix, Serum No. 5, and Cadillacquer

Prize Pack no. 2: Emily de Molly, A England, Crows Toes, and Smitten Polish.

Prize pack no. 3: Cirque, Scofflaw, A England, and Wing Dust.

Prize pack no. 4: Contrary Polish, HARE, Enchanted Polish, and Emily de Molly.

Prize pack no. 5: Girlie Bits, Jindie Nails, Lush Laquer, and Arcane Laquer.

Prize pack no. 6: Gloss and Sparkle, HARE, Happy Hands, and Wing Dust.

I like sets no. 2 though 5 or 6. Which one(s) do you fancy?

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