Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics LE Universal Beauty Collection

Product: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Universal Beauty Eye Shadow Collection
Where did I buy this? I didn't buy it. I won it in one of Dawn Eyes Cosmetics' (nearly) weekly collection-naming contests :-)
Price: N/A in this instance but currently $.50 for a sample and only $3.00 for a full-size jar.
Colors (all colors swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and shown in alpha order, top to bottom and left to right, in the photos/videos below):
  • Faerie Forest: Deep brown-based green w/ strong shift to teal and copper sparkle and pink- to gold-shifting lights
  • Field and Stream:Grassy green w/shift to dusty blue w/ blue and gold stars
  • Fire Opal: Pale pale pink/coral shifting through slightly darker coral to pale gold
  • High Tide: Bright blue w/ lavender sheen dripping w/ blue sparkle and gold- to green- to aqua-shifting glitter
  • Mossy Mauve: Mauve matte base w/ shimmering teal overlay
First five colors under flash lighting
First five colors under natural lighting
  • Plum Perfect: Plummy purple w/ bright copper sparks
  • Solar Flare: Bright orange satin w/ hint of pink studded with bright gold glitter
  • Space Dust: Deep deep blue-black w/gold and purple glitter and tiny blue sparks
  • Stormcloud: Dusty purple grey w/ tiny golden sparks
  • Sweet Sunset: Pale blue w/ lavender shift w/ strong pink overtone w/ tiny sparks of gold, copper, lavender, and blue
Second five colors under flash lighting

Second five colors under natural lighting
Performance: Magnificent as usual: excellent pigmentation; beautiful contrasting shift and sparkles, buttery satins. Dawn Eyes Cosmetics shadows consistently place very high in my personal eyeshadow arsenal.

Packaging: Conventional small zip-lock sample baggies for samples and completely clear jars with sifter caps, labeled on the bottom so you can see the color clearly from the top, and sealed.
If I lost, spilled, or broke this item, would I buy again? For certain colors  -- i.e., Faerie Forest, Field and Steam, Stormcloud, and Mossy Mauve -- most definitely. The others? Probably not, but that's just due to my personal color preferences, not to the shadow itself  :-)

Overall rating: 5 of 5 lippies!

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