Sunday, August 4, 2013

L'Oreal Chrome Shine Eyeshadow in Rose Mordore (Golden Rose) Over Meow Cosmetics i-Prime

Product (s): Meow Cosmetics i-Prime (scroll down page to view it) and L'Oreal Chrome Shine Eyeshadow in Rose Mordore (Golden Rose)
Where did I buy this? I bought the eyelid primer at Meow Cosmetics, and I got the L'Oreal Golden eyeshadow in  a custom-purchase/swap with Helen F. of BBFF* blog :-)
Example of opacity of i-Prime
Price: The Meow i-Prime was $7.50. The Golden Rose runs about 6.19 pounds (approximately $7.46 USD as of today's exchange rate).
Golden Rose under natural light (left = no primer; right = i-Prime)
Performance: i-Prime: I really like this product. As you can see in the pic above, it applies opaque and so provides "clean slate" over which to apply your eyeshadow. I don't know for sure since Golden Rose is such a light color, but this feature may help colors to apply my truly to what you see in the pot or pan. Although it looks so in the photo, it's not sticky at all. I abhor anything sticky on my lids, so I thought it was quite comfortable. It's firm to the touch like a medium-density balm, so you just have to glide your brush or fingertip over it lightly. At this rate, one pot should last me forever! L'Oreal Golden Rose: I liked this shade a lot. I can't wear any yellow golds on my lids, although I adore them, but this shade is neutral enough that I can pull it off. Although it barely shows up without primer (and thence might make a good brow bone highlight), it came up beautifully over the i-Prime. It's a good "go-to" color that would suit most any situation. I read in another review that a more pale rosy shade lies under the champagne-gold color, but this was not the case for me. If I try hard (LOL), I can see just a tad of rose mixed in, just enough maybe to keep it from being to yellow? It applied in a silky fashion with the applicator provided. Some of you may not like the applicator, but I think that a sponge-tip applicator is sometimes the best way to apply drugstore eyeshadows to get a thick, even coat of shadow.
Golden Rose under shady natural light. I actually think this photo shows it's true nature :-) (left = no primer; right = i-Prime)
Packaging: i-Prime: lidded pot; L'Oreal Golden Rose: standard drugstore pressed eyeshadow case with sponge-tip applicator.
Golden Rose under incasdescent light
If I lost, spilled, or broke this item, would I buy again? Yes and yes! The i-Prime is different enough from all  of the other similar nonsticky eyelid primers I've used (UPFF, TFSI, Art Deco) that it' sure to become a repeat buy for me (and to think I was just trying to get my Meow cart up to $50 to get free shipping [what a happy accident]). And the L'Oreal Golden Rose looks pretty with my hazel green eyes and is a wonderful, yet different, neutral. Most of my similarly colored neutrals are uber-sparkly, so it's light frost is a nice change of pace.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 lippies for both products!


  1. Both look really nice, although the eyeshadow seems more golden and less rose.

  2. I'm honored to know that you've read my little blog and taken the time to comment, olgiepolgie! I just read your recent review on some new Fyrinnae colors. Yes, I agree with you that "Golden Rose" is a bit of a misnomer. I'm hoping that the gold color might be a bit of an overspray and that I'll hit some rose later on in the pan. But even if I don't, it's a good non-yellow gold for me, so I'm still a happy camper..

  3. Oh wow what a gorgeous shade! Perfect everyday shade, for a bit of understated glamour :D xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

    1. "Understated" is a perfect word for this shadow. Most champagne-y colors look somewhat glaring on my lids, but this color just glows :-) Thanks for commenting!