Friday, August 23, 2013

Aromaleigh Lost in Faerie (Revisited) Prize Winner

Well, the response to my contest was dismal. I don't know if the Rafflecopter tasks were confusing? I thought they were very simple and easy to follow, but I'm open to comments and opinions. I think Rafflecopter is used enough nowadays that people know how to use it. I know I have 23 followers on Blog Lovin', and I routinely get 25 to 60 hits a day, so I'm bummed that more people didn't enter. Admittedly, it was a very small prize, but who doesn't want to win free eyeshadow, especially when your odds of winning are so good? Not me, LOL.

Neither of the entries were complete: Two people entered the contest, but one person completed only one of the mandatory tasks. Another person completed three of the four required tasks. Therefore, I didn't even use the Rafflecopter's "choose-a-winner" feature; the winner was the person who completed most of the tasks. Technically, I shouldn't give out the prize at all, but I like to give out prizes! I'm rarely one to follow the rules and technicalities, so I'm choosing to send the five-sample set to Helen F. of BBFF* blog, who completed the most  tasks.

Congratualtions, Helen :-) I'll be emailing you shortly.

Helen's wee prize


  1. Yay! I won!!! I need a boost right now...thank you Lisa! Looking forward to using them. x

  2. Congrats to Helen! She's so sweet. :)