Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Psssst . . . . . Aromaleigh Videos of Lost in Faerie Revisited = Yum!

Believe it or not, this is my very first review having to do with Aromaleigh, which make most of my most beloved eyeshadows, the older of which many of which I am portioning off in my blog sale.

So, here is some Aromaleigh yumminess in the form of hi-res videos of the glimmering, shimmering sparkles in the new collection, Lost in Faerie (Revisited), which I happen to think is a brill marketing technique. I was not going to buy anything from the collections, and now I am. Presto! Chango!

There is a 25%-0ff sale on these colors on Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics site, and the sale ends Wednesday night a 11:59 p.m. PST. That give us East Coasters a little more time to plan a buy. Nevertheless, you might want to hurry up and order so you can get the shades you crave most!

Thanks to Aromaleigh for giving me permission to upload the URLs/videos. They should open for you in a new window when you click the URL. Written descriptions are from Aromaleigh. Do you see any favorites?

1. Odeane: Amazingly unique color! Chameleon-like . . . we can't tell if this color is golden, or pale blue, or pale green. It has golden shimmer and bright blue sparkles and changes in the light; it's a very delicate color.

2. Eolande: Beautiful purple with cobalt blue and russet sparks throughout.

3. Xantha: Beautiful buff coral frost with sparks of violet and gold. 

4. Raisie: Mid-tone lovely rose with mauve tones and loads of silvery sparkles. 

5. Tianna: Shimmering heathered lilac with grey tones and sparks of cobalt and fuchsia. 

6. Elfrydah: deep heathered russet with multicolor interference shimmer and bright sparks of rose and copper. 

7. Orlaith: Frosty rose copper with aurora borealis sparkles. 

8. Suelita: Pale rose with silver shimmer and copper sparks. 

9. Elvena: Muted cool green with silvery tones and bright gold sparkles.

10. Rhoswhen: Pale warm green frost with golden sparkles and shimmer. 

11. Sebille: Rich deep grape violet with brilliant sparkles of cobalt and sapphire. 

What shades do you like best?

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