Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mystery Formulator: Part 2

Well, I've had a good couple of days in a row where I could get some (weak winter) sunshine, so I have more swatch photos of colors from our mystery formulator. In general, these are all "well-behaved colors," mainly satin/frost finish, and are suitable for wearing at home, to work, to school, and to church or other place of worship. These shades and finishes probably won't be first pick for clubbing, but then again they won't freak out your grandmother either, LOL. These are "go-to" shades and suitable for all occasions. From left to right, top to bottom, and swatched over Hi-Fi  Cosmetics High Impact Shadow Fix, are the following shade names: Hayley, Heidi, Lily, Maggie, and Mashup #1 (from her Crown Jewels collection [the ruby, gold, and silver colors]).

Don't forget, you get extra entries into the Rafflecopter contest (just a few posts away) to win some of these babies! Just leave a guess in the comment section of this post!

Mystery Formulator colors group 2 under natural winter light

 Here's another photo that shows the color-shifting of Lily much better:

Mystery Formulator colors group 2 under natural winter light

And here's a quick video:


  1. You have no idea how much google-fu it required to figure this out. And how embarrassed I was when I realised how close the answer was. But I found a new site in the process, so YAY!
    BBFF* aka Helen ...?

    1. Thanks for guessing, Zillah, and congratulations on getting an extra entry in the contest to come. BTW, what is "Google-fu"? Would that be "Google-fu*%#ry'?

  2. Google-fu: proficiency in Googling.