Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Interrrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming . . .

. . . . for a DEC Christmas treat (and, BTW, that should be the British "shed-jeweled" pronunciation, LOL :-) I didn't feel right having Christmas come and go without (1) thanking you for following/reading my blog this year, commenting, and participating in fun contests, one of which is coming up soon (our very own Mystery Formulator) and (2) sharing with you that I won the set-naming contest that Dawn had for her 2012 Christmas Collection, which is now monikored "Winter Wonderland" by yours truly.

The prizes in these contests are quite generous. I got to choose 5 full sizes -- Peppermint and Evergreen, Mistletoe Kiss, Pecan Pie, Walnut, and Sugared Plums (guess you all by now which colors I gravitate to the most, right?) --  and I also got to choose 10 samples -- which were Butter (x 2), Silvered, Christmas Tree (x 2), Three Kings, Wreath, Sweet Cream (x 2), and I got Golden Garland as an extra. 

I didn't get to try all of the colors yet because I wanted to get this collection (or at least the colors I have from it) up before the actual holiday it's named after :-) So, here they are, shown over several pictures and (as always) in alpha order from left to right and top to bottom:

Colors I Chose: Web site descriptions (my take in italics) (favorites/potential favorites in bold red type)

Butter, Chestnut, Christmas Tree, and Golden Garland under natural light
• Butter: Delicious light gold lit up with golden sparkle, simple and elegant Not sure about this color, but I will give it a try. I can't usually wear anything that throws a true yellow, but this color is very low-key. 

• Chestnut: Bronzy semi-metallic satin spiced up with color-shifting sparkle that goes blue to purple to pink I'm just gaga over this color; over the moon and back. Love Dawn's rich browns and other neutrals. Won't rebuy because I won a FS jar, but i *am* sharing it with some good friends :-) 

• Christmas Tree: Deep forest green glittering with a rainbow of sparkle, gold, silver, green, pink, purple, and blue Boo-hoo; this green was too deep and too cool-toned for my taste, so I won't buy more :-( 

• Golden Garland: Deep yellow-gold bordering on orange, loaded with golden shimmer and pink to gold color-shifting sparkle I hate to break my guideline by never judging a color by it's shade in the sample baggie, but this one got to me. It scares me like a carnival like clowns scare me, but that's so subjective. Try it; you might like it!

Franken, Mistletoe Kiss, Pecan Pie, Peppermint and Evergreen, and Silvered under natural light
 • Christmas Tree/Wreath Franken (at top): The best of both words; deep AND bright! 

• Mistletoe Kiss: Medium pink pearl with a coral shift and bright sparks of pink and green I looooove pinks, so I'm sure I'll take to this one, too, like a baby to a boobie :-) 

• Pecan Pie:  Lush deep brown satin with plenty of golden, copper, and pink glitter Nom, nom, nom . . . oh, hai; did you want to speak with me? . . nom, nom . . . can't speak right now . . nom, nom  . . my mouth is busy -- nom, nom . . . mmmmm, pink sparkles. No need for a rebuy; I already have a FS of this pie . . . er . . . I mean eyehsadow 

• Peppermint and Evergreen: Bright white satin with a subtle pink tinge and a soft green shift, dancing with red and green sparkle Although I can't usually wear a stark white base, this has just enough pink to warm it up for me. Love my FS jar of this color! 

• Silvered: Stunning metallic silver, opaque and dripping in golden and holographic glitter I'm most excited to try this color because it's not a straight silver shade, which I don't wear very well; the gold appeared to be well-blended in hand swatches, again warming it up for my use.
Sugared Plums, Sweet Cream, Three Kings, and Wreath under natural light
• Sugared Plums: A pretty plummy purple with blue, gold, pink, and violet sparks  Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy -- that's what this rich buttery pigmented color makes me think of :-) Won't repurchase since I won a FS jar :-) 

• Sweet Cream: Beautiful bright metallic, a pale champagne littered with gold and silver sparkle I haven't tried this yet, but if it's like Dawn's other liquid golds and champagnes, I'm sure I will. The hand swatches alone were stunning! 

• Three Kings: Deep mysterious black-based purple, dancing with silver, gold, blue, and violet glitter Black-based colors really do a number on me. I usually look like I've been kicked in the eye by a not-so-talented back-street Balanchine. Not a rebuy :-( 

• Wreath: Bright satiny medium green with flecks of pink and purple sparkle Way too bright a green for me, but if that's what you're looking for, then slap it on, sistah!

FYI, the Mystery Formulator series will resume after Christmas :-)

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