Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moi Cosmetics

Product:  Moi Cosmetics eyeshadow

Where did I buy this? I bought this product from Moi Cosmetics (in Canada) on It should not be confused with Moi Minerals here in the United States!

Do these wee bottles not slay you?
Colors are swatched in order of right to left, top to bottom: Cherry Pie, Fairy Dust, Time Lord, Shocker, Mercy.

This photo shows Cherry Pie (top left) the best.

This photo shows Time Lord (top right) and Mercy (bottom right) the best.
Mercy is so beautiful, it deserves special mention: It's described on the MM Web site as: "Deep purple with blue lights . . . and then color shifts to rose/copper. But once applied foiled (wet) is where the magic begins . . . this color turns into a ''metallic copper'' with hints of blue shimmer a slight purple undertone." And it IS ALL THAT! I must get more of this stunning color!

Price: I think the small bottles I bought were $3.00 each (and I can't locate my receipt for these in mt etsy account). I don't see these tiny bottles on the site anymore sadly :-( They are adorable. Full-size jars of eyeshadow now appear to be $6.00 each, and samples of eyeshadow are $1.00 each. She does sell other products besides eyeshadow, too.

Performance: I've only tried Mercy on my lids over UDPP, and it was mesmerizing (no, I did not hypnotize myself, LOL) and seemed to last all day on my non-oily lids. Although I didn't actually wear the other colors, they swatched well (much better than appears in my photos; you have to see the video for the best swatch results).

Packaging: Adorable small bottles and samples in zip-lock sample baggies (long ones though).  

If I lost, spilled, or broke this item, would I buy again? There are a number of colors I would get samples of to try. However, Mercy is a certain rebuy!

Overall rating: 5 of 5 lippies!


  1. Mercy is in my top 10 eyeshadows of all time. It really is that amazing!

  2. I think it might become one of mine, too! Thanks for sharing.