Saturday, November 16, 2013

Coming Up for Air . . . and a Review of Vaseline Spray & Go

Hi everyone!

First off, I have to apologize for disappearing on you. I was just minding my business, living my life and doing my job, then BLAMMO! I was beset by a series of obligations that came from every side, top, and bottom. I took on a book-editing job in addition to my regular work (a whole new set of deadlines). I had purchased a new computer (Dell All-in-One with Touch Screen) and was getting used to all the new stuff on it and figuring out how to navigate Windows 8, and ZAP! Windows 8 crashed, and I had to reinstall the operating system as well as all of my programs. I must say that Dell support was excellent. Someone stayed on the phone with my until everything was done (about 2 hours), and they have followed-up, just like a good computer doc should! Of course, the Windows 8 learning curve plus the crash backed up my regular work. In the mean time (what mean time?), I was making bracelets for a vendor show that was held last Friday night. My bracelet sales went well, and I'm just getting back on track, praise God! Now on to the review . . .

Product: Vaseline Spray & Go
Product photo
Where did I buy this? I bought two bottles of this product at my local Giant food store.

Price: The regular price was $6.99, but I had one $2-off coupon nd one $1.50-off coupon, which brought the price down to  about $4.99 per bottle.

Performance: Wowzer, I LOVE this stuff! I loathe anything heavy or greasy on my skin, so I actually prefer dry flakies to that suffocating feeling. Luckily, I don't have to settle anymore. However, contrary to the nifty television commercial where you see a woman spraying it on her body, jumping in her clothes, and running out the door, you do have to rub this stuff in. Actually, it doesn't require much rubbing, so "smoothing" might be a better choice of words. It sprays on very easily, without nozzle-clogging, and with fairly good dispersion; however, I've had it spray narrow white strip on my skin from time to time. I think this has to do with the distance you hold the bottle from your skin. Anyway, I like to rub it on my feet and legs at night when I'm "couch-potatoeing" in front of the TV. I don't want to accidentally spray it on the couch, so I just spray some into my hand and rub it on. It sinks in within seconds and leaves no trace of grease or oil, so much so that it's almost hard to believe it's moisturizing my skin. But the proof is "in the pudding," and my skin is soft and clear of flakes or rough patches! The scents are nice and light and don't end up competing with my perfume. My favorite scent is Cocoa Radiant. I also have a bottle of the Aloe Fresh .
Not so "spray and go." You have to at least smooth it in!
Packaging: This product comes in a standard aerosol spray bottle. The bottle is tall and cylindrical in shape, which I appreciate because I have arthritis in my fingers and wrists, which sometimes makes it difficult to handle oddly shaped bottles and jars. My sense of touch like the smooth matte aluminum outside.

If I lost, spilled, or broke this item, would I buy again? Absolutely without a doubt I would buy this product again :-)

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 lippies (and five thumbs-up for good measure)!


  1. I'm glad to see your review of this. I have a coupon for this product, and have looked at it in the store a few times, but wasn't sure if it would be a good purchase or not. I would have never thought to put it on my feet! I'm going to definitely try this out now since my skin gets so dry during the winter months.

    1. Yeah, I really like it. I also want to try the St. Ive's version, too, and see how it compares. Thanks for commenting!