Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aromaleigh Beauty You Missed . . .

I know I said that my blog sale post was probably my last post before I close my blog, but I couldn't resist showing you all what you missed on my blog sale (except for the two lucky buyers who bought EVERYTHING!). Not that Aromaleigh eyeshadows confer a special talent for applying eyeshadow, in the hands of a master they do work their magic.

Here are some look from Em M., blogess at Glitter Is My Crack and Facebooker at Blix MoonMaiden, featuring looks using Aromaleigh cosmetics. I consider Em a classic beauty with mad skills, so she shows off Aromaleigh cosmetics to their highest potential :-) Enjoy!

Above:  Golden, peach, pink, red, brown cut crease, and glitter liner look using Aromaleigh:  Pass the Tarts, Hearts a' Plenty, Temper, Temper, But This is My Dream, and Salome glitter eyeshadows

Above:  Look using Aromaleigh's Mythos Collection: Hades, Phoebe, Asteria, Nyx,  Selene, and Rhea eyeshadows

Above:  Teal and purple look using Aromaleigh's Les Papillions Collection:  Ephemeral Violet, Morphing Moon, Vigil of Change, Air & Light eyeshadows and Drama Queen Liner in Teal 


Above:  Teal and olive green look using Aromaleigh:  Sylph, Darcelle, Morphing Moon, and Isadora eyeshadows


Above:  Orange and purple look using Aromaleigh's Les Papillons Collection:  Glowing Luna, Spread Your Wings, Fragile Charms, and Air & Light eyeshadows

And my favorite (above):  Copper, wine and midnight blue look using Aromaleigh:  Shadow Witch, Emergent Beauty, Bliss, and Glow eyeshadows

If you peruse Em's blog, you'll also see examples of Aromaleigh blush application. Have fun!