Sunday, January 12, 2014

Noella Beauty

Product: Eyeshadow samples.

Where did I buy this? I bought five eyeshadow samples from Noella Beauty on Two shades were included as "extras." The colors I bought were as follows (and are swatched below in the same alphabetical order): Dark Chocolate (extra), Honey Taupe (extra), Julep, Maple Cream, Pink Smoke, Rose Gold, and Sugared Plum. Here is what the product amount look like in the jar.
Tops (clear) of the colors in alphabetical name order.

Color name and ingredient labels are on the bottom of the jars.
Price and size: $2.39/generous jarred sample, no sifter cap. Sample size is approximately .5 g in a sealed 3-g jar.
Approximate amount of product in a sample.
Packaging: Although I don't usually post pics of the entire product packaging, this was so pretty I have to share it! This is what was inside the bubble mailer . . . pretty, huh?
Pretty packaging!
Inside, the sample jars were sealed for safety with a dab of tape.
Performance: Excellent over both UDPP or Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy: All shades lasted all day with no touch-ups needed. I have someone dry skin, so eyeshadow never creases on me. YMMV, however, especially if you have oily skin/lids.
Swatched in alphabetical order over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy under natural light.
Swatched in alphabetical order over Pixie Epoxy under incandescent lighting.
If I lost or broke this item, would I buy it again? The eyeshadows from Noella are generally lower-key than I prefer, but since Noella is such an established name in the indie galaxy, I had to try them just so I'd have some familiarity with their product. Yes, some of the colors I would definitely replace. However, some colors were too light, too matte, or too dark on me, so I probably would not replace those shades. I ended up frankening together (1) the Rose Gold and Sugared Plum as well as (2) the Dark Chocolate, Maple Cream, and Honeyed Taupe to make two new colors that were more wearable for me. Pink Smoke (most shimmery) and Julep (a beautiful duochrome) were my favorites :-)

Overall rating: 5 of 5 lippies!


  1. Julep looks amaaazing! I've been meaning to play around with indie brands and this looks like a great place to start :)
    Great post!

    1. If you're new to indie and prefer subdued shades, Noella is a great place to start!