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Not Cosmetics: Nightfood!

Hi all,

I've suffered (truly) from complete and total insomnia ever since I underwent a prophylactic total hysterectomy for endometrial stromal sarcoma (a very rare type of cancer; 2% of the world population) in 2006. I am physiologically unable to fall asleep naturally. I can't even fall asleep for a nap. I take a couple of different sleep medications to be able to sleep each night. Luckily, they work for me most of the time.
Luckily, too, I came across NightFood bars. They serve as a bedtime snack for me (they are yummy and filling with a glass of milk), and they also help me fall asleep better. They also give me a better quality of sleep and a better waking experience. I used to wake up groggy, and it took me about 30 minutes or more to drag myself out of bed and even more time to feel fully awake. Now I'm out of bed, generally, within 10 minutes. 
My experience with NightFood as a company was stunningly excellent from the beginning. Sean Folkson is the company founder. I emailed him with a question about NightFood because at that time I was curious about anything that could help me sleep better. THE DUDE CALLED ME AT HOME THE NEXT DAY! Tell me the last time a company founder called you at home to answer a question, LOL. 
We talked a long time about the product as well as its development and marketing. I ended up buying a box of bars. They worked so well I went on subscription (automatic "refills) and eventually asked him about the possibility of investing in the company. It wasn't possible at that time, but it is now, as is the possibility to try NightFood bars for yourself and to help a young and worthy company grow.

Here are the deets. Feel free to repost, unedited please, to your blog if you like :-)

We need your help to raise $50,000 to order fresh NightFood bars and launch nationally! 

Why NightFood?

When I first got the idea for NightFood, I was just a guy who wasn’t able to sleep well, eating junk at all hours of the night. I wanted a healthier snack that would satisfy my evil cravings, fill me up on fewer calories, and help me sleep better. Was that too much to ask?
Over the last few years, tons of research has come out showing that I wasn't alone.
MassiveHealth, via their iPhone app, tracked almost 8 million food ratings from users over 5 months, and determined that we eat more junk right before bed than at any other time of day.
And, research published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders says that 25% of us don’t just snack at night, but we eat such strange snacks at night that we'd be ashamed if others found out.

Why should you contribute?

If you don't eat, or don't sleep, maybe NightFood isn't for you.

Seriously, we know nighttime cravings are real. We know that fighting them is hard, and giving in to them is unhealthy and disruptive to our sleep.
How great would it be to have a product in your local store that's delicous enough to satisfy those cravings, filling enough (on only 150 calories) to help you avoid eating anything else, that also helps you sleep better, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy all day long?
With NightFood, you can satisfy your cravings and get better sleep.
We've got great rewards available (on the right of the screen).  And, a limited supply of bonus rewards.  To learn more, live chat with Sean now.

How are we helping to save the world?

In the small picture, we’re really just talking about replacing one snack with another, eliminating a few calories, and getting better sleep.
In the big picture, we know that a small improvement in sleep improves just about every area of our lives. Our health, energy levels, produ
ctivity at work, our relationships with our spouses and families, even our metabolism and appetite are proven to be strongly linked with the quality of our sleep.
If we can help enough people sleep a little better every night, we’re actually going to make the world a better place. It might sound corny, but when we get E-mails from happy customers telling us that NightFood changed their lives, that makes it very real.

Why do we need the money?

One of the big 3 pharmacy chains (we're not allowed to identify them yet) is ready to test NightFood in their stores before launching us nationally.
You've probably heard stories about people who start snack bar companies in their kitchen, garage, or a small bakery (like Clif Bar). But, NightFood isn't just a snack bar. 
Because of the special ingredients we use in NightFood to support better sleep, we're required to meet very strict FDA manufacturing requirements.  A kitchen or bakery won't do.
Our manufacturer is an SQF 2000 certified facility (the highest standards in the industry), and they manufacture bars hundreds of thousands (if not millions) at a time for brands like NutriSystem.
We need your contributions so we can order fresh product, with our new and improved formula, to initiate the in-store testing. With your help, we can be in thousands of stores across the country in just a few months. For millions of people out there eating junk at night this is big news!

The NightFood Team

Sean Folkson and Peter Leighton head up the NightFood team. Sean is a former insomniac and late night snacker.  NightFood helps, but his two young sons ensure that he doesn’t quite get all the sleep he needs. Peter is a nutrition industry veteran. Over the last 25 years, Peter has been responsible for developing and marketing products and brands such as CitriMax® ,Schiff® , Tiger’s Milk®, and Carb Intercept®. In addition, a team of formulators, food scientists, and FDA regulatory experts are on board to guide, support, and help innovate as NightFood looks to develop and grow our product line.

Get a FREE Box

After you make your contribution of $10 or more, you'll have the chance to share our campaign with friends and family.  Just refer 3 people to our camapign that contribute, and we'll make sure you get an extra box, 100% free! 
It's just our way of saying thanks for contributing, and thanks for sharing this potentially life-changing product with the people you care about.

 Rewards Include:

  • Backers get to enjoy NightFood bars at every level: Starting from two bars to 50 boxes!
  • 20% off all your orders from for 2 years!
  • Optional 1 month free subscription to BuluBox, where you can try lots of great healthy supplements every month.
  • NightFood collectors box* limited edition
  • Vote for our next flavor when you contribute at the $50 or $75 level.
  • Exclusive Reseller Packages: Choose from 20 or 50 boxes.  Great for retailers, or if you've already tried NightFood and know you love it! 

***No International Shipping - United States Only***

Having trouble paying?  This video will help

Want to know what's in the bars?  View ingredients here

Limited Edition Collector's Item Box:
  • Only 1,000 available in the world
  • Serial number on each box in the series
  • Imagine having an original, collectors item box from the first retail run of Gatorade or Cheerios. Great conversation piece, and potentially worth serious cash when NightFood is a household brand.

As a contributor to this campaign, we'll send you approximately 1 E-mail per week through 4/15/13, and then approximately 1 E-mail per month after that. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Contribution Levels and Rewards

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