Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mystery Formulator and Contest Winner Revealed

Hi everyone, 
I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. A family member recently had a scary health issue, and I was pretty upset about it and unable to focus on almost everything. Usually the health scares are mine, and I realized this time that it's just as difficult being on the other side of the fence. I always try to learn something from all situations I face. Not fun but usually helpful later on. 
So, to get back to the blog, the Mystery Formulator is Helen F. of BBFF* blog, as a couple of people rightly guessed! The winner of the prize was Samantha R., and her shadows are currently on her way. Thank you, Helen, for sponsoring the contest (as well as the product, LOL). 
I asked Helen to answer my standard mini-interview questions, and here are her answers: 
1. Describe yourself in three words and say why for each: I'm academic, truthful, and sharp. This is how I believe I am at the moment. I have been doing really well in my academic studies. I am truthful because I cannot bear people lying. I would rather say what I feel, than not say anything at all; then you know where you stand with me. I am sharp because I don't take anything at face value. 
2. What three foods do you like best and why? Oats, fruit, and yoghurt. I eat this combination for breakfast most days; some call it Bircher muesli. It gives me long-burning energy and is good for the body in many ways! Here is a link to Jamie Oliver's recipe. 
3. What would be your three "desert-island" cosmetics and why (i.e., if you were stranded on a desert island, which three cosmetics (brand and type/product name please) would you most want to have with you and why)? I would take (1) sunscreen; Clarins ones are good for the face because I would burn, well, assuming it's a sunny desert island! (2) deodorant -- Dove Anti Marks -- because I dislike not wearing deodorant, and (3) a tube of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream because it is a multi-use moisturising product. 
Thanks for sharing with us, Helen. We all wish the best to this muesli-eating, EA-wearing, soon-to-be graduate!


  1. LOL!!! I like the pictures Lisa! It was my pleasure to support your giveaway...I hope that you winner enjoys her prize as soon as it arrives. :) x