Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Cosmetics: Bracelets Already Sold and Bracelets For Custom Order

Hi everyone! I just thought I'd show you some new beads I'm working with lately. Aren't they pretty? Feel free to place a special order if you like. I have tons of beads in gobs of colors :-) Stretch bracelets like these below (i.e., larger, themed beads) are $6.00 each. Seed-bead bracelets (photos below) are 3 bracelets for $10.00 :-) Scroll all the way down for my contact information.

The stretch bracelets below were made for a non-sighted woman, for whom shape is more important than color for obvious reasons. I hope these bracelets "feel" pretty to her :-)

Custom order for non-sighted friend who likes pretty things :-)

Close-up for custom order for non-sighted friend who like pretty things :-)

Custom order all wrapped up and ready to go!
And here's a double custom order (below) of stretch seed-bead bracelets (x 6) for a customer who lives on the West Coast and who wanted a denim-and-neutral theme.

Here is a link to the stretch bracelets I made for Helen of BBFF* as a gift for such a nice swap package she sent me! This is another example of seed-bead bracelets:
Photo from BBFF* blog.
I also use Czech fire-polished beads in my stretch bracelets, some of which look like this (very sparkly [this is called a "vitrail" finish, which means stained-glass in French]):

I also have started working with magatama beads (mah-gah-tah'-mah), which give a slightly spiky/tribal look to the bracelet: 

And here's a photo of the stretch magatama bracelets (below) blurred so you can experience the sparkle. Cool, huh?

If you're interested in ordering a custom set of bracelets, please contact me here to make arrangements re: color, style, and number of bracelets. All proceeds are going to purchase to buy a new custom wheelchair I need to get around more independently :-)


  1. I just wanted to add that they are all so cute and the colours like many a mineral eyeshadow, don't always show up so well in photos. I have had some lovely complements about mine! Thanks Lisa for making mine a pretty set. x

  2. 'Tis true, Helen. Many of the beads have a special "auroura borealis" costing, and this flash of complementary colors shows up only if they are captured, by a good photog (which I am not) with a good camera (which I do not have), in direct sunlight (which my shady property often does not possess)!

    I'm glad you like them, though, and am assuming you're not upset that I borrowed a photo from your blog. I shall give it proper credit now. I never think clearly when I am up with insomnia!

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