Friday, October 28, 2011

New Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Chrome Collection: Duochrome Metallics!!!!!

I swear to the dear Lord above that I almost wet my pants when I saw the preliminary swatches of the new collection from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics: Chrome Collection. They are DUOCHROME METALLICS (yes, I'm yelling, LOL)! I cannot wait to swatch, photo, and try these and then report back to you :-) They will be available next week, but here are some photos to tide you over until then.

1. Blue to gold to green; 2. pink to lavender to blue; 3.  green to pink to lavender; 4. coral to lavender to bright green; and 5. lavender to pale orange to blue
6. Light blue with traces of lavender; 7. medium blue undertone, purple mid-tone, pink/gold overtone; 8. bright pink overtone, deep fuchsia undertone; 9. bright copper with a rose overtone and a green/gold undertone; and 10. fawn undertone with brilliant blue/teal overtone
11. Fawn undertone with brilliant green overtone; 12. medium blue undertone with golden overtone; 13. light blue to lavender to bright pink; 14. light bright pink/lavender to copper/orange to coral
<Hyperventilates> Be still my rapidly beating heart!