Sunday, October 2, 2011

Because I'm Far Too Lazy to Do It . . . A Halloween Post From The Velvet Rose Petal!

Since I'm not a huge fan of Halloween and because I'm far to lazy to compose a list of special and limited-edition Halloween collections, I'm pointing you to Anne of The Velvet Rose Petal, who had composed a comprehensive list, including Altered Ego, Black Rose, Brazen, Dark Heart, Darling Girl, Dawn Eyes, Evil Shades, Lucky 107, Meow, Moi Minerals, My Beauty Addiction, My Pretty Zombie, Noella Beauty Works, Persephone, Rock-A-Betty, Stella Starish, Sweetpea & Fay, Tick:Tock, Venomous, Virus Insanity.

 Anne's link is here: 

 My head is swimming! How about yours? Have fun, ghouls (ummm . . . I mean girls)! 


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