Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Freebie Alert!!!

I came across this site from Shelby at (Not) Making It Up -- Vault Marketplace -- at If you sign up, we BOTH get $25 to spend -- and there's TONS of stuff for under $25. BTW, did I mention the free shipping and free returns? I haven't made my purchase yet, but hey, free is free! If you hover over the "shop" tab, you can look at the stuff that's $0 to $50 in several different categories. It's not just cosmetics here gals. There are phone covers, bracelets, and stuff for the kiddos, men, and even the home!
Let us know what you bought, OK?
EDIT: I just found out from Shelby that you have to spend $35 to get this offer. Still not a bad deal, right?

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