Thursday, January 26, 2012

Woo to the Hoo!

The owner of Lucky 107 Cosmetics, Rebecca Masters, asked me to do a review of her shop because I "was so thorough"! Glad what I'm aiming for is coming to pass. Anyway, I am just beside myself with excitement. I've swatched all the colors on the back of my hand so far, and the results were scrumpdillyicious! Stand by for a new review as soon as I get some good light here for photographing. I can show you the wrapping and containers and such, but what sort of fun would that be without swatches? There will be a Lucky 107 giveaway, too :-)
Luck 107 Cosmetics Harkness

After that comes Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Valentine's Day 2012 LE Collection review and another giveaway! Stay tuned to this station!

DEC Valentine's Day 2012 LE Collection

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