Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20, 2011: Tag! Your'e It!

I was tagged for the Top 10 Award by Susan Woodall of the yummy Darling Girl Cosmetics! Considering that I haven't formally launched this new blog yet, this was a very sweet gesture by a very sweet woman :-) Here's my award:

Susan wanted to know what my top 10 favorite cosmetics items are, so here are my answers :-)

1. Everyday Minerals Pick Me Up Pink Color Correcter: I just tried to find this product on EDM's Web site, but appears that it's been discontinued :-( I found it far better than a green color corrector for diminishing the ruddiness on my cheeks. Luckily I have an extra full-size jar stashed away. If anyone know of any other brands of good pink color correctors, would you please let me know?

2. Everyday Minerals All Spice eyeshadow (soft neutral pink champagne laced with delicate white shimmer): OK, this product is still being sold; whew! Although the description says "pink," to me it looks more like a lightly-browned biscuit with a little shimmer -- the perfect neutral brow-bone highlighter.

3. Just about ANY eyeshadow by Aromaleigh: I hated mineral shadows at first, but I became a MMU convert, and Aromaleigh aficionado, several years ago. Don't ask me to name a favorite because I can't. And don't get me started on what I'm going to do when I run out of my three AL foundation back-ups :-(

4. Visine (regular formula): Yep. I never apply my makeup without first getting redness out of my eyes. I don't go whole-hog with it because that can cause rebound redness. Just a drop in each eye after I show and before I do my "face."

5. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy: I never apply a shimmery shadow without first revving it up with this primer, which amps up the shimmer/glitter/sparkle factor. I hear DG's own Glitter Glue is very good, too, so that will be on my shopping list soon (especially if Fyrinnae keeps pulling their disappearing acts).

6. Not cosmetics, but just about ANY Shower Smoothie from Sugarcandie Beauty Bar: Aside from having the absolute yummiest scents ever, as well as really excellent customer service, I really like that this whipped shower soap doesn't contain sodium laureth/lauryl sufate, which is harsh on human skin and even worse for little fishies, frogs, salamanders, and so forth. I go SLS-free whenever I can.

7. MAC 239 eyeshadow brush: Desert-island Holy Grail item. Before I found this, I was applying eyeshadow with my fingers. Messy for me and unsanitary for the shadows.

8. Tweezerman metal lash comb: Yes, it looks like a miniature instrument of torture, but it tames clumpy mascara into submission. Just use it very carefully, or you'll look like a lopsided cyclops, LOL.

9. Sephora Eye Makeup Remover Pen: Catches any glob or blob I somehow manage to leave behind (usually mascara, but I've used it to eradicate other things, too).

10. Cover Girl NatureLuxe Foundation in Alabaster: Because it's a great match for my fair and cool-toned complexion; it really does feel like light silk on my face; and it gives nice medium but buildable coverage.
....and here are the next 10 tagged. :D

**Rules of the Top 10 Award**
1.  Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2.  Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3.  List your Top 10 cosmetics.
4.  Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.


  1. Thanks for tagging me Lisa! This looks like fun! Now I have to think about what my items are going to be! :D

  2. Judi, I think you have the best blog name of all: My Tongue Split the Hemisphere. Very metaphysical! I look forward to seeing your Top 10 items :-)

  3. I swear I started my post yesterday to tag folks and fell asleep. Time to rev it up and finish!

  4. I have finished mine and passed the 'tag' baton!

  5. Eep, how did I miss this post! Thanks for tagging me! :D