Friday, May 11, 2012

Dawn Eyes Giveaway on BBFF* Blog!

Helen F., the creator the BBFF* (*Best Beauty Friend Forever) has become a friend of mine from across the "pond." We currently have a swap going on, and it's been much fun corresponding. She's currently having a giveaway of six (!) full-size Dawn Eyes eyeshadows as follows: Soft Subtle Beige, Redbud, Merry Go Round, Gold Gilded Blue, Tusk, and Neon Purple Sparkle. Me? I'd especially like Tusk. Remember that Fleetwood Mac song and album y the same name, LOL?

Tusk swatch from the DEC Web site.
So, get thee to Helen's blog and enter now (by Rafflecopter)! Sounds like a great, well-balanced eyeshadow collection, Helen :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

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