Friday, February 24, 2012

[ENDED] Dang! Another Black Rose Giveaway on Toxid-Lotus Blog!

Here's a chance to win yet another giveaway on Luna's blog, Toxid-Lotus. This time it's for the Black Rose Minerals Luna Collection (boy, is she prolific or what?). Here are the color descriptions:

Lunar Shower: This is a sheer celestial white with loads of blue, aqua, and silver shimmer.

Blood Moon: An eerie ethereal bluish-lavender with loads of red and purple shimmer and a pinkish/reddish/coppery/purple shift

Luna: A sheer ethereal light purple with lots of blue, red and purple shimmer. In certain angles it has a blue sheen.

Lunar Reflection: A delicate sheer silver/gold with red, silver, and gold shimmer. In certain angles it will look more silver and in other angles more gold.

And here is a photo:

BRM Luna Collection

 Good luck!

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